Friday, January 31, 2014

Night out with the Houston Rockets

We had a night out at the Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs basketball game on January 28 at the Houston Toyota Center.  This might be an almost annual thing for us.  We last saw the Rockets vs. Spurs game in December 2012.  Thomas loves basketball and is a big fan of the San Antonio Spurs.  His favorite player is Tim Duncan (#21).

This time around, we were able to go court level during pre-game and I had a media pass which allowed me to take pictures with my camera and 75-300 mm lens which is typically not allowed in the Toyota center.  I was able to get some great pictures before and during the game.  After the game, Thomas and I had the opportunity to shoot some free throws.  We each got to shoot twice.  I of course missed both times, but Thomas made one of the shots.  Good times and an awesome time out together!

Me with my media pass on the court pre-game
Thomas and I pre-game
Clutch the Rockets mascot

Thomas and I post game

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  1. Great pictures, specially the two of you on the court. Media pass?! Wow!


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