Monday, January 6, 2014

Kayla's 2 year old Update and Pictures

Kayla turned 2 on December 9th so this post is late due to Christmas, family visiting and New Years.  Also I finally finished editing her 2 year old pictures.

Kayla at 2 (December 9) weighed 24 lbs, 2 oz (17%) and was 31.75" (7%).  Her BMI was 16.8 (61%).  Her 2 year check up at the doctor's was great beside the fact she had to get one shot and was scared of her doctor.

Kayla has grown and recently gained so much developmental progress.  Kayla is an active girl and is always on the move.  She is an outgoing little girl as well.  She goes up to other little kids and adults easily and really enjoys playing with other kids.  She also enjoys her nursery class at church.

Kayla is a very loving little girl.  She gives us hugs and kisses freely.  I have to say that melts my heart every time.  She just makes everyone around her smile.  Her fun, loving personality just radiates to everyone around her.  She loves to be tickled.  Her laugh is just too cute!

Kayla is very curious, alert and aware.  She likes to see what is going on around her.  She pays attention and learns quick.  For example when a therapist is working with Rachel or Haley, Kayla watches and usually picks up on what they are doing.  Kayla likes to be included in the therapy Rachel and Haley gets.

Kayla is talking more and more.  She is saying so many new things and is saying 3 to 4 word sentences.  I love it when she says "I love you mama".  She also says "thank you mama" when I give her something.  Her talking is just so cute!  She makes me smile and laugh at the things she says.

Kayla loves to eat, but she can be picky.  Of course, she prefers junk foods and doesn't like vegetables at all.  She likes some fruits, but I have noticed recently her decreasing her like of them.  She has never liked bananas.  I'm not sure why.  Most kids love bananas.  She really likes pickles, cheese, yogurt and hot dogs (cut up of course).  She loves her snack times and signs/says "eat" when she is wanting food.

Kayla is not potty trained yet.  We are still sort of working on that.  She has shown a small amount of interest, but I don't want to push her if she is not really ready.  I talk to her about it as well as read books to her about it, but she doesn't really want to sit on the potty consistently.  I will keep working on that with her.  With time it will happen.  Still can't believe she is already 2 and that potty training will happen sooner than later.

Kayla is definitely a typical 2 year old.  She has the typical temper tantrums when she can't get something or get her way.  She loves to run from me when I need to change her diaper or get her dressed.  She says "No mama" often.  She definitely tests the rules.  She hates to go down for naps and for bedtime at night.

Kayla can be very helpful.  She will help me pick up her toys and she likes to sing the clean up song when we do it.  She will put things away even sometimes without me asking.  I love this and I hope she will always be a good helper around the house.

Kayla is a mommy's girl!  I love the mother and daughter bond we have.  She and her sisters are my everything!  I love my girls!  I really love it when I walk in the door after getting out for a little while and Kayla happily greets me with a big hug.  I just love it!

Again I express my gratitude for all my girls!  I am so blessed to have each of them and they bring such joy to Thomas and I.  Together we are a forever family!  Nothing is greater than that!

Stay tuned for Rachel and Haley's 4 1/2 year old update early February.  They are growing up so quick!


  1. She is so sweet !!!!!!! I am so glad God gave you this gift ! I know you must have many struggles with the two miracle children you have... (I have one)
    bonus ! ;)

  2. She is a cutie!! She looks A LOT like her Daddy!! I have been following your blog since you had the Rachel, Haley and their brother and sisters and I cannot believe that Miss Kayla is already 2...time really does fly!!

  3. she is so adorable :-) as always


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