Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mirror, Mirror...

A couple of weeks ago, while at our good friends house, Rachel found a mirror that had not been hung up yet.  Rachel had a lot of fun looking at herself in this mirror.  I was able to get pictures of her playing.  She was so cute with the faces and gestures she made. 

Ta Dah!

Umm, Mom I see you looking at me

Kayla joined in on the fun!

This is so cool!

Let's see how big I can open my mouth.  Lots of teeth!

Checking out my tongue.  Kayla's face in this one makes me smile.

Sweet kisses!


  1. Oh my goodness these pictures are priceless!! Lovely to see the girls having so much fun!

  2. That is an awesome moment you've captured!

  3. Cute! I love Rachel's hair! She'll never have a problem with volume. I also love that Kayla's so interested in her big sister. It seems as though she's trying to copy Rachel, and I find that very amusing.

    Do Rachel and Haley interact with Kayla, or is she the one to come over to them? I'd love to hear about how they've been getting along. Is one duo more friendly than the other? Do they ignore each other? I'm very curious.

  4. Love the picture of the two of them kissing the mirror. Precious!
    From an adult Rachel


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