Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mom Stays in the Picture

I heard about this STORY from my mom.  Its a story about a mom who found herself avoiding having her picture taken due to her lack of make-up, not perfect momma weight status, not put together hair and just not feeling pretty.  She would rather take pictures of her children than to be in them,  but determines that as a mom, she needs to be in the pictures with her kids so that her kids can remember her and the good times together.  It's a great story and I totally agree!  I take hundreds, perhaps thousands of pictures of my little girls.  I have some pictures of us together, but not as many as I would like.  It is important that I have pictures of my girls and I together so that my girls and I can look back at these pictures to remember the good times we had together.  I want my girls to also have these pictures to remember me as young and beautiful despite the  minimal make up, not so perfect weight or not as pretty as I would have liked to look.  These pictures of my girls and I together will be memories to last forever.  So here are recent pictures of my girls and I.  I usually don't really like how I look in pictures, but that doesn't matter.  What matters is that these pictures are special and will be lasting memories.



  1. I read that same article in the last week or two, and felt the same way! I had noticed that (although I don't have kids or a family) that I had dodged the camera the last few years and there really was no record of my life in my 20's! That's silly! I won't always look this way , and while it's not my favorite, it's still me.

    I also had a similar conversation with my mom, she would turn her head or eyes away during pictures because she's sensitive of an eye issue she has, which she feels is pronounced when she looks dead on at someone- or at a camera. I told her, MOM, someday when you are gone, I want to remember what you looked like. When I look at these pictures of you, I don't see YOU, this doesn't look like you- turning away, looking down- that's not my mom. I want a picture of MY MOM. Look at the camera!

    Ever since, she has made a NOTICED effort of looking at the camera. This is who you are. You are a woman with an eye issue, but that's how *I* know you, I don't care, and I want to remember you how you were!!!

  2. Amanda you have a lovely face and your beautiful spirit shines through in all of your pictures!

    Thank you for posting that story. I too have a tendency to hide from family photos. Now that I have a sweet baby granddaughter I'm going to be SURE to take a lot of pictures of my daughter (and son-in-law) with her! I might even pose for a few myself. :) Happy moments need to be preserved!

  3. Loved this article as well and am trying much harder myself to get photos of Alidia and I. She will love looking back at them one day, as your girls will of photos with you. These are beautiful photos of the 4 of you!! :)

  4. Amanda, this is such a beautiful message. I don't know what you mean by "not as pretty as I would have liked to look." You look beautiful! The pictures are perfect!

  5. Amanda, you are indeed beautiful and your love and spirit shine through your eyes and smile. I think you're a terrific mom and the girls are so lucky to have you and Thomas for parents.

    PS I have tried to post a few times but the scramble letter thing never allows me too!


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