Thursday, September 20, 2012

Good news about Haley's Vision

Within the past week Haley has had two eye doctor appointments.  The first one a week ago was with her retinal specialist.  Haley sees him every 6 months to keep a watch on her right eye to make sure its stable and nothing bad is going on.  Her right eye is definitely not normal.  She has a lot of scar tissue and her right eye is partially detached.  This is how her eye has been for a long time now.  At this appointment we got good news!  Her right eye is stable and the doctor saw more retina in Haley's eye!  Her doctor said that he was surprised to see that her right eye was better and had more retina.  This is a blessing and a miracle!  Haley is an amazing little girl!

For the second eye doctor appointment, Haley was evaluated at the NOVA (non-invasive objective visual assessment) clinic at the University eye institute at the University of Houston.  At this appointment, Haley's limited vision in her right eye was evaluated to help us and her doctor's get a better understanding of how much she is seeing.  Haley does have some vision and is able to get around, but she is considered legally blind.  Haley's best field of vision is downward and to the right in her right eye.  We see Haley turning her head to the left so that her right eye is more in the center to see what is in front of her.  This makes more since of why she does this because that is where her field of vision is.  Haley has not been wearing her glasses for a while now because we didn't know if they were doing her any good.  At this appointment the doctor's told us that she does need corrective lenses and it will improve her vision.  So instead of glasses, Haley will be getting a contact lens to help her vision.  Haley will still have to wear glasses, but they will only be used to protect her eyes.  

We are so thankful to our loving Heavenly Father for this blessing!  We are so happy with the vision she has and so grateful that things are better than we ever thought it would be.


  1. Wonderful news - what a blessing for adorable Haley and for you all!

  2. So happy for all of you with this blessed news! Enjoy those littles! : )

  3. Graet news! High Five Haley!

    Congratulations for the whole family, too!

  4. So glad her vision is improving. I've struggled with poor vision all my life, and it's hard, but there are blessings in store.


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