Sunday, September 23, 2012

Daddy's Birthday - Weekend Fun!

Thomas's Birthday was on Saturday September 22.  We celebrated his birthday late Friday afternoon at our good friends house.  We went swimming, had good food and enjoyed the cake that I made for his birthday.  On Saturday we went to a special place of ours, Kemah Boardwalk.  Its located in the town of Kemah, TX about 20 miles southeast of downtown Houston.  Kemah Boardwalk will always be a part of Thomas and I's history.  It's where it all started 6 years ago for Thomas and I.  We had our first date at the Kemah Boardwalk and it's where Thomas and I fell in "love".  So we like to visit it once in a while to reminisce.

Happy Birthday Thomas (daddy)!!!  We love you!!!

Pictures from Friday (September 21):

Enjoying some time in the pool
Haley with daddy in the hot tub
Rachel and daddy in the hot tub

Pictures from Saturday (September 22) at Kemah Boardwalk:

Daddy with his girls
Thomas with Haley and Rachel on the Boardwalk
Thomas and I rode the tall ride and the Ferris wheel on our first date at Kemah Boardwalk.  Good memories!

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  1. What a nice gift for Thomas to be able to spend his birthday weekend with all 4 of his gorgeous girls - and at such a fun and memorable place!


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