Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kayla's Blessing

Kayla in her blessing dress

Kayla was blessed at our church on March 4 by her daddy.  Her blessing was very special and brought tears to my eyes as I listened to the special blessing her daddy gave her.  Kayla is a miracle and I believe she was sent to us for many reasons.  She is perfect for our family.  She has brought so much joy to our home.  I know she will be a big help to her sisters Rachel and Haley.  She is definitely a precious daughter of our Heavenly Father and I'm so blessed to be entrusted by the Lord to care for her and to love her.  I love her more than I can express in words. 

The blessing dress Kayla wore is so special.  It's the same dress that Rachel and Haley wore almost 2 years ago when they were blessed.  You can read that post here.   I'm so glad Kayla was able to wear this dress.  She looked so beautiful in it as did her sisters Rachel and Haley.    

As written by her Daddy (Thomas):
Today was a very special day for our family. I had the privilege of blessing our beautiful little Kayla. I was overcome by emotion today as I spoke from my heart and what the Spirit prompted me to say.  I know that our little Kayla is a blessing to our family. She has brought much joy into our home. We hope that she will grow close to her big sisters. I strongly feel Kayla will be by their side through out life. She will help them with the challenges they will face in this mortal life. We love and cherish Kayla as we do Rachel and Haley. We as a family have been truly blessed by a kind and loving Heavenly Father. We are grateful to be entrusted with these special little spirits in our home. 

It was a beautiful day in Houston.  The sun was shinning and the temperatures were perfect.  I could not have asked for a better day.  Here are some of the pictures taken after her blessing.  

Family that attended her blessing
Grandpa/Grandma Stansel, us with the girls and Grandma/Grandpa Benedict
Me, Kayla and my mom (3 generations)
Kayla and I
Family picture


  1. Kayla looks like a real pricess or a beautiful angel. She definitely is a blessing to the whole family. Besides being extremely cute she also looks such a well-balanced, peaceful, happy, and attentive babygirl. Wondergul blessing indeed.

  2. God saw the commitment you both made to take care of Haley and Rachel and how this journey would be difficult and challenging at times and sent you help from above. No doubt in my mind that Kayla was sent to you to help you in the future to take care of your other daughters.

  3. What a lovely occasion as you brought Kayla to be blessed, she is a blessing for you all and as these photos attest a beautiful little girl. The words of the blessing for Kayla are truly inspiring, and as she grows up she will help and support her sisters. Every good wish on your special day.

  4. She sure is a cutie, goodness me! Congratulations!

  5. What a beautiful and inspiring blessing. The words are perfect and I'm sure Kayla will be a great source of support for her sisters. The pictures are precious, she is looking like an angel! Congratulations!

  6. Ya'll are such a beautiful family! Looks like you are pretty busy! I love that you record your "journey". That's neat, and it really stands out from the typical mommy blogs out there.

    ... And I thought me and my twin sister were heck for our parents! Lol. Congrats and I certainly wish you all the best :)


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