Monday, March 12, 2012

The joy of photographing kids

As I have mentioned before I enjoy photography and taking pictures of my girls.  As anyone with little kids knows, its hard to get pictures of them where they are looking at the camera or staying still long enough.  Rachel and Haley are active and don't stay still long enough for me to get pictures where they are both looking at the camera.  I usually have to take several pictures to finally get one where the both of them are looking at the camera.  I eventually get one and the picture is just priceless!  Here is an example of a photo shoot I recently did with the girls.  I included the "bloopers" before I got the priceless one.

Haley trying to roll away
Rachel trying to sit up
Rachel reaching for the camera
Rachel screaming.  Haley covering her eyes
Neither Rachel or Haley looking at the camera
This is a good picture, but my hair got in the way of the flash so Haley has a shadow on her face
Priceless!  (even though Rachel has her finger in her mouth)  Love it!



  1. Sweet sisters! They do truly bond with each other and that bond will last through their lives for sure.


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