Friday, November 11, 2011

Rachel and Haley - Update

Rachel and Haley are growing up so fast!  I can't believe how big they are getting.  I still remember so well how tiny they were when they were born.  They have come a long way!  The girls continue to get physical, speech and occupational therapy.  Little by little the therapy is helping them to progress. 

Rachel is getting closer to walking.  Well she has taken some steps on her own, but she is unsteady.  She still falls, but she keeps trying.

Haley has finally met the requirements for the forward facing carseat.  She's finally 20 pounds!  We took out the infant carseat carrier and put in the big girl carseat.  Now her and Rachel are matching in the same carseats.  She seems to like it.  Haley also got new lenses in her glasses.  We took Haley to the eye doctor because she stopped wanting to wear her glasses.  We figured something was going on.  The doctor said her prescription needed to be changed.  Her prescription is now not as strong and her lenses are not as thick.  Yea!!!  She seems to be wearing her new glasses well and seems to be seeing better.  Haley's vision will be a mystery to us until she can talk to tell us what and how much she sees, but to us and her therapists, she seems to be seeing better than her eye doctors say.  She just amazes me how well she gets around with her limited vision.

Haley with her new lenses

Below are some new random pictures:

Haley and Rachel ready for a walk out in the cooler fall weather.  We love this new stroller!

Daddy and his girls
Mommy and her girls (Haley, Kayla and Rachel)
Physical therapy helping Rachel learn to ride the tricycle.  Haley climbed on back for a ride.


  1. What a great update, those little girls are just amazing and I smile everytime I see an update!

  2. the girls look wonderful. How do they get along?


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