Sunday, November 13, 2011

33 Week Update

How many weeks?  I'm 33 weeks.

How am I feeling? As I get bigger, I'm getting more uncomfortable.  I have back pain sometimes and my ligament muscles hurt at times too, but other than that I'm doing good.  I'm so happy to be this far in my pregnancy that these aches and pains I'm feeling are really not too bad.  I am taking it easy and really want to make it to 36 / 37 weeks.  If I go farther, that would be great!  I'm doing surprisingly well so who knows exactly when Kayla will arrive.

Weight gain?  Yes finally I've gained.  I've gained a total of 23 pounds.  It seems that all my weight gain is the belly/baby. 

Doctors appointment?  Yes I will be seeing Dr. Pinell this week.  Last week he checked my cervix and it is still closed and thick.  Also he did fetal heart rate and contraction monitoring again for 20 minutes.  All continues to look good.  Kayla is an active baby!

Baby preparation? I've gotten together all of her clothes (thanks to Rachel and Haley for passing some of them down) and have put them in the new chest of drawers.  I've looked at what baby items we have for her and what we still need.  We still need to purchase the mattress for her crib.  We have time for that though as she will be sleeping in our room when she gets home.


  1. You look great! It's going by quick!

  2. You look beautiful.. Rachel and Haley are going to be great big sisters to Kayla. The countdown to Kayla has started. I pray often and check for updates daily.

    Paula Thompson
    Little Elm Tx

  3. You might just make it all the way. Even if she were to come tomorrow she would be in much better health then the girls when they were born. A friend's little girl arrived at 30 weeks and beyond some intestinal surgeries before leaving the hospital, she doesn't have any repercussions from her early birth. She even came home a week before her due date. Hopefully, Kayla won't know the inside of a NICU.

    Take care!



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