Sunday, November 20, 2011

34 Week Update

How many weeks?  I can't believe it, but I'm finally 34 weeks!  I've made it this far, I'm determined to make it to full term (37 weeks).

How am I feeling?  Well not the greatest right now.  I have a cold so I'm congested.  No fun since I would rather not take any cold medicine.  I'll make it through.  Other than that I'm feeling very pregnant.  My back hurts along with other aches and pains associated with the pregnancy.  I'm still not as big as I was when I had the sextuplets, but for some reason I feel like I'm more uncomfortable this time around.  I am very happy to have made it to 34 weeks.  I made it a goal to make it to 34 weeks a while ago, but seeing that I'm still going, I've made a new goal to make it to 37 weeks (full term).  Even if I don't make it to 37 weeks, I know that Kayla will be just fine.  I am hoping to keep Kayla out of the NICU, but even if she does have to go there hopefully it will be a short stay.   

Weight gain?  I've gained 1 pound this past week so I've gained a total of 24 pounds. 

Doctors appointment?  Every week.  Last week things continue to look good.  Nothing new to report after seeing my doctor last week.


  1. I've been following your pregnancy updates and I just have such a feeling your little girl is going to be full term :) You are doing so great!

  2. I found your blog a long time ago when it was listed under prayer requests on someone else's blog. I have been reading it since. I have been praying for you throughout this pregnancy and I have been so thrilled to see that you are still pregnant! I am praying that you make it to full term and get to take Kayla home right away :)

  3. Hey Amanda! I am happy to hear that this pregnancy is going so well. I look at your blogs often to hear how you are doing. I would like to get something to send baby Kayla. Please tell me where you are registered. You have been such a help to me. I called you last year to tell you about the death of my beautiful daughter, Suvie, and you gave me some great advice. I hope you can make it to full term! I will be praying for you and baby Kayla and the rest of the family!

  4. I am a mom to a 25 weeker who is six. We are loving on a 36.5 weeker who was in the NICU for a few hours, just because we seemed to hit shift change. You can do it.

  5. YEAH!!! For making it this far and you look AMAZING!!!!! This baby obviously needed to be in your home and part of your eternal family!!!!!

  6. Yay for 34 weeks! I have four kids born at 37 weeks, 33 weeks, 31 weeks and 33.5 week. 34 weeks is great but at least 37 is amazing! So glad things are going well.


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