Sunday, October 9, 2011

28 Week Update

How many weeks?  28 weeks.  I've made it to the 3rd trimester! 

How am I feeling?  I'm feeling better than this morning.  I had to go to the hospital today after I woke up and started having a lot of uncomfortable braxton hicks contractions.  I was having more than 4 an hour.  My doctor told me to call if I did.  I called and he wanted me to get checked out at the hospital.  I was scared not knowing if I was going to be admitted or what was going to happen.  Well after 6 hours of monitoring at the hospital I got to come home.  It looks like I was having some uterine irritability.  I wasn't having as many contractions as I thought.  At least it didn't show that at the hospital.  My cervix looked good.  I was put on a medication called Procardia to help relax the uterus and was given a shot of progesterone.  I will be getting weekly shots of progesterone until 36 weeks.  Since being home from the hospital, these medications have helped and my uterus is much calmer.  Also the doctor suspected that I have a bladder infection.  So I'm on an antibiotic as well.  A bladder infection could have caused the uterine irritability also.  I'm so glad all ended up going well at the hospital and that I'm back home and still pregnant.  What a way to enter the 3rd trimester!

Weight gain?   I'm up only 1/2 a pound.  Total weight gain 18 1/2 pounds.

Doctors appointment?  Yes I will be seeing him again this week for a follow up.

Baby preparation?  I have been working on the decorations for Kayla and the girls room, but have not finished them just yet.  I did get Kayla's letters painted.  I just need to hang them up over her crib.



  1. I love your updates! Glad everything is going well. I had to comment though because it seems like your pregnancy is going twice as fast as mine... I am 35 weeks but it seems from your updates that you are catching up to me:). Funny how when it's your life it goes a lot slower. Good luck with the third trimester. I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out!

  2. I'm so relieved! I was thinking about you all day yesterday. I'm glad little Kayla is still staying put and that you are home and doing well!

  3. oh, those Braxton Hicks! Ouch!


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