Wednesday, May 4, 2011

21 Months

The girls turning 21 months today almost slipped past me.  I didn't remember until later today.  The girls have made a lot of progress the past month.  Haley is pulling up on the sofa and standing well.  She is almost standing up without the help of the sofa.  Rachel is working at pulling up on the sofa.  She is able to get up on her knees.  She can stand at the sofa with our help getting her up.  It won't be long and they both will be walking.  I can't believe how far they have come!  They are getting bigger as well.  Rachel weighs 22 pounds 2 oz.  Haley is still tiny and weighs 17 pounds 12 oz.  Haley made it to 18 pounds, but then lost some ounces when she got sick with a cold last week.  She will get back to 18 pounds when her appetite gets back to normal. 

So I attempted some 21 month pictures, but the girls were just not having it.  They are just to busy and don't want to stay still.  Plus they were getting tired and ready for bed.

Daddy and his girls

Rachel and Haley

Rachel and Haley's back side

Rachel and Haley

The pictures below were taken a few days ago.  I just had to share.

Rachel and Haley playing together


Haley standing so well


  1. I cannot believe how big they are! Such pretty little girls!

  2. I LOVED this post.....I think that is the amazing thing about multiples you get one ready for a picture or church or whatever and then the other one turns their head, undresses or takes just makes me laugh and also reminds me what a blessing children are and how they feel a home with so much love and amazement.

    Your girls are so cute an growing up so quickly!!


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