Monday, May 30, 2011

The Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa Benedict (my parents) came to visit the girls this past weekend.  They love to come visit and see Rachel and Haley.  Rachel and Haley are both pulling up on everything and taking small steps while holding onto something.  They are so active and curious.

Grandma with Rachel and Haley
Haley pulling the toys out
Haley pulling up on the gate

Rachel loves putting the bucket over her head

Rachel playing with an Easter egg

Grandma got the girls a tunnel to play in.  Rachel was not to sure about it.  Haley didn't know to crawl into it since she can't see very well, but she didn't mind sitting in it.

Haley in the tunnel with Rachel looking in

Haley in the tunnel

Rachel checking out the tunnel from the outside
Rachel still not sure about going in

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