Monday, April 11, 2011

Our precious girls

The past week has been uneventful, but good.  The girls are doing well and are continuing to make progress.  They are busy little girls and keep us smiling.  Rachel is so curious and loves to get into things.  Haley loves to play and is so happy.  Rachel and Haley love to play together.  Here are some recent pictures of our precious girls.

Rachel and Haley playing together

Haley happy to be with her sister
Rachel and Haley

Rachel's beautiful smile
Haley trying to stand up
Haley loves to do this
Rachel still likes to take toys from Haley


  1. I love your light board. We spent HOURS in front of ours. They look wonderful.

  2. The girls are too precious. Not sure if I ever have commented on your blog, I have been following since right before they were all born. Such an inspiring story. My son was born 10 weeks early, so I know the experience of a preemie, NICU, ECI and all the fun stuff. What a blessing those little girls are!

  3. Bobby loves to do "downward dog" too- so cute!!!

  4. soooooo cute !!! beautiful little flowers :)


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