Thursday, April 28, 2011

Changes in the girls room

Thomas and I made some changes to the girls room, specifically we had to lower the girls mattresses in their cribs.  We knew that was coming soon, but Rachel made us do it today.  See the pictures below:

Rachel on her knees in her crib

Rachel holding on to the side of her crib
I put Rachel in her crib for a nap and when I came back into her room to check on her, I found her up on her knees holding onto the side of her crib.  I had not seen her do this before!  What a surprise!  She definitely is coming along in her progress.  The girls physical therapist is doing a GREAT job!  Haley is also pulling up, but has not done it in her crib yet.

Rachel's crib lowered.

Haley's crib lowered.

 I also finally hung up some cute things in the girls room:

Flowers & butterflies
I made this butterfly.  It fits the decor of the girls room well.
These were gifts from a wonderful friend. 


  1. I used to read your blog everyday then my computer crashed and I lost track of my blog list and I have not checked you guys out in a while. I cannot believe how big the girls have gotten. I remember praying so hard for them when they were so tiny and fighting in the NICU. Congratulations on a year plus at home!! The girls look so much like their dad!

  2. I love their cribs, their whole room is so cute. I already have the mattress lowered on my baby's bed because it is a pain to lower those things and I don't want to find her like than in a few months. Your girls are accomplishing so much and doing great progress, you guys are great parents!!!


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