Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's New

The girls seem like they are progressing very slowly from a developmental stand point though they are progressing which we are grateful for. They are doing some new things lately.

Haley has started putting her toes in her mouth. She is getting closer to sitting without assistance. She's not crawling yet, but we are working on that. She is such an active little girl and doesn't like to sit still. She is quick to roll over whenever we put her on the floor. Haley is "verbal" and loud. You know when she is near. I have tried her on some stage 2 baby foods and she's doing ok with them. She is still a picky eater, but I can get her to eat some veggies when I feed them to her along side some fruit. Haley is a very slow grower and is only 15 pounds 5oz. She is definitely short for her adjusted age of 10.5 months (<5 percentile). Despite what she has not accomplished yes, we are so grateful to the Lord for little Haley. She brings so much joy and happiness to Thomas and I. We just love and adore her, she is a happy little girl with so much energy.

Haley putting her toes in her mouth

Rachel finally got her glasses. Her glasses are definitely not thick like Haley's. She got a little scared when we first put them on her and she didn't seem to care for them, but the more she has been wearing them, the more she has accepted them. She does try to pull them off sometimes, but I think she realizes also that she can see better with them on. Rachel has really started to move much more lately. She is trying to crawl and is rolling all around the floor. We put her on the floor in one spot, we turn our back and then find her across the room. We are really having to watch what we have on the floor near her because she will grab anything and everything and put it in her mouth. Rachel is still not eating baby foods well. We have been trying to feed her everyday, but she just doesn't care for food in her mouth. She loves to put all kinds of things in her mouth, but when it comes to food, she doesn't care for it. All her nutrition is through her g-button. Her current weight is 17 pounds. Rachel is not sitting by herself yet. Rachel has also been more "verbal" lately. I'm sure it has a lot to due with her getting those ear tubes. Her hearing most likely has improved. We are grateful for all the different therapist who come in to work with her and Haley. We owe so much to them for their hard work with the girls. We are so grateful to have Rachel in our home. She brings so much happiness and joy to our family.

Rachel with her new pink glasses

Rachel trying to crawl

We are so blessed to have these beautiful girls. They are the greatest blessings to us. Thanks be to God for our sweet Rachel and Haley. They have been the greatest thing to happen to us.

Both girls with their pink glasses and helmets

Rachel and Haley both wanting the same toy. They are starting to interact more with each other.


  1. Your girls are so adorable! What great blessing they truly are! Love reading about their progress! Keep up the good work ladies!!

  2. Amanda and Thomas, I'm proud to see the girls developing like this. They are looking so cute with pink helmets and glasses! They will love to see these pictures when they grow up. Don't worry too much about Haley's size. She will slowly catch up after a few years. Don't worry too much about the way Rachel eats. She will slowly get used to food. Considering what they have been through, they are doing great! I'm sure they will get there. it is just a matter of time. I continue to send a lot of love and prayers your way.

  3. Thanks for the update! They are sweet gifts from God.

  4. My triplets have always been slow... it seemed that the fact they were born early (you would say they aren't compared to yours!!35 weeks and three days)
    But they seemed to keep it as a prejudice and still are at the age of soon to be 25 years old. They are about 3 years maturity behind their big brother and sister.
    They will eventually get there one day!!

  5. Just stopping in to see how your precious girls are doing. They're as beautiful as always and look like they're doing well! I love your outlook on their progress and development. 1 of my quads (born at 28w5d) is further behind the others but I'm always sure to thank God they're here and doing as well as they are! So happy things are going well, keep up the good work mom & dad!


  6. Thanks for the update. Beautiful pictures!! They are making awesome progress. Just the fact that they move around so much and you have to keep an eye on them is super!! You can see the improvement in Rachel's head control with the picture of her beginning to crawl. Haley putting her foot in her mouth is precious!! Thankfully her tone is well and not tight to allow her to enjoy her foot. Keep the positive attitude and they will reaching more milestones before you know it.


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