Friday, October 22, 2010

Date night

Thomas and I finally had our first date night out tonight since the girls have been home. This was a long time awaited night out. We have been wanting to get out for a while, but was hesitant to leave them with anyone. We decided it was time to take the night off and put our trust in a good friend to watch the girls. It's always kind of nerve racking to leave the girls, although we left them in great care. Our good friend happens to be a nurse. She is a great person and is so good with them. We are so grateful for her. She is so good with them. We really enjoyed our time out. We joined some good friends from our church for BBQ and a boat ride on Lake Houston. We had so much fun! We were able to recharge our batteries. We look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to have a date night.

Thomas and I after the boat ride

Thomas and our bishop

Of course I don't want to leave the girls out on this post. They are doing well and continue their daily routine with therapists. Rachel is getting closer and closer to crawling. Haley is getting closer to sitting unassisted. They are getting stronger and are more active. They are growing. Rachel is 17 pounds 5oz and Haley is 15 pounds 9oz. Haley is getting her 5th tooth. We are still waiting for Rachel to get more teeth. She currently only has her two bottom ones. Not much else new going on.

Rachel putting her toes in her mouth

Rachel looking cute

Rachel and Haley after their bath. They get one hour a day out of their helmets.

Haley sitting on daddy's belly


  1. Glad you had fun. It's a good thing we didn't watch your girls--we have fever and boogers at our house.

  2. Love your pictures, and am also glad you got to have a date night. That's important. It's easy to get so wrapped up in the girls that you tend to neglect each other, don't do that.
    The girls look like they are doing really good.

  3. Being a mother of a severely special needs son I truly understand how important it is to spend time out alone with your husband. It makes the both of you a better parent and spouse when you occasionally take time for yourself.
    Can not wait to see the pictures of Rachel crawling and Haley sitting unassisted. It is amazing what the professional with some help from above can do for these mico - preemies today as opposed to 17 years ago when I had my son.

  4. I'm happy you were able to enjoy each other. It is very important to have "husband-and-wife" time. I understand your concern with the girls but soon you will be able to do this more often.

    The pictures are beautiful! Both of you look happy with your night out. The girls look precious as usual! I can't wait to hear more about their progress. Congratulations!

    Love, Claudia


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