Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

We went to a church Halloween party tonight. The girls were dressed as angels - my precious little angels. I dressed as an angel and Thomas, well he was the tooth fairy. The pictures say it all. We had a good time!

Haley and Rachel - my little angels

Me and the girls

Thomas and the girls

The tooth fairy. I love the tutu!

Haley having fun in the plastic cauldron

Rachel didn't enjoy sitting in the cauldron as much as Haley.


  1. Sooo cute! You really are a family of angels, but seriously, Thomas had the best costume ever! Way to go! Now that's a man who is comfortable with his masculinity and I am so proud of him! You all looked great!!! lol :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. Your girls are definitely angels to us all! They are getting really big!

  3. LMAO - that tooth fairy costume? Well... what do I say to that?

  4. Cute, cute, cute! The girls are perfect angels, and you look great as an angel too. The tooth fairy is soooo funny! Congratulations on your creativity, all of you did great!

  5. very cute i loved it. Thomas best constume. The girl look adorable and so did you


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