Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Girls first Easter and Happy 8 months old

The girls are 8 months old today and its their first Easter! They are growing and getting bigger everyday. We had mentioned in a couple of posts ago that they weren't growing enough, but according to the GI doctor, Dr. Krishna, whom the girls saw last week thinks they are growing very well and doing just fine. In fact their weight gain is a little too much. We are glad they are growing well. We love those cute cheeks, they sure do get kissed a lot. We are happy that they also continue to make progress developmentally. Each day I notice something new they have not done before. The girls are getting therapy through ECI weekly.

This has been a good past week. Rachel almost landed in the E.R. for the second time to have her G-Button put back in. She woke up Tuesday morning and we noticed it was not in. We kind of panicked a little because there is roughly two hours to put it back in or the hole will close up. We were thankful that the hole didn't close up. I was able to get the g-button back in, but we needed a new g-button because the balloon that holds the button in was leaking. Thomas sent a text to the pediatric surgeon Dr. Bloss, and not one minute later he called Thomas and told him to come to his office in the medical center and he would take care of it, and he did. Dr. Bloss is such a great surgeon, as well as a person. He just seems to care very much about our girls. In fact after he replaced Rachel's g-button (in between surgeries he was doing) he gave her a big kiss on the forehead. He is just a kind man. You rarely see surgeons who really care about their patients as much as Dr. Bloss. We are grateful for good medical care here in Houston for our precious girls. Haley had an uneventful week thank goodness. No special trips to the doctor for her. Rachel and Haley are doing well considering the rough start in life they had. We are so grateful and blessed. They are miracles and I remember that everyday.

This Easter day we give thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ, for He truly is our Savior. He came to this earth and gave his life in a selfless sacrifice so that we could obtain immortality and eternal life. We declare that Jesus Christ does live. It is on this day we remember the resurrection of Him who has conquered the grave, even Jesus Christ. The Savior has conquered it not only for himself but for all who have lived and who will ever live in this mortal life. This Easter season Thomas and I are so grateful to the Lord for providing a way to be reunited with our children that have gone on before us. We love him, we worship him, and we desire nothing more than to be more like him.

The girls in their Easter dresses




  1. They are so plump and cute and adorable!!! Happy 1st Easter little ladies!! :)

    lol... when you said before they weren't big enough, I was thinking.. is she trying to say those cheeks an optical illusion? Because they look plenty plumpy to me!!! :) (Good for kissin'!)

  2. What sweet little Easter Cover Girls! right out of a magazine!! they are so adorable.. i am so grateful they are doing well - can't really blame the Dr for a well placed kiss on the head - i'll bet he loves those babies soo much!
    hope your Easter was as wonderful as your 8 month old daughters!
    love, Erma

  3. HAPPY EASTER - Your girls are absolutely adorable, and as you know your so blessed. Love reading your post even though don't know you, your an amazing family.

    Lots of love,
    Michele Wallace

  4. Lol I don't blame you for kissing those chubby cheeks,how can you resist them.Their so rosy and pink :)My grandmother when my brother and I were little would say here comes the cheeks monster and give us kisses on our cheeks,it would really make us belly laugh to this day she still teases us.Their dresses are adorable and I love the head bands.

    Happy Easter Stansel family and Best wishes always,Lauren

  5. Beautiful! What miracles. I also feel so blessed to know o our Savior's atonement and that we will be with our families again. Especially those sweet babies that we have lost.

  6. I love those girls! My daughter is 5 and I miss those chubby baby days! I have never met you but have been following your story from early on and pray for you and the girls daily! I am glad they are doing well! We love love love Dr. Bloss. I feel so honored to know that my daughter was able to have such an amazing surgeon for the minor procedure she had done. The girls are very blessed to receive care from him! I agree, he is one of the kindes men I have ever met and was so unbelieveably sweet to my baby when she was in his care! God Bless!

  7. They are looking so cute! I'm happy to hear their health is improving. They will slowly catch up and develop. You are blessed (and they are also)!

    Love, Claudia

  8. They are very sweet looking in their dresses. Glad to hear that things are going well for the girls :)

  9. Oh my love those kissable cheeks. They are so so cute. Love to hear how well they are doing, thank you for sharing.

  10. Oh my! They could not be any cuter if they tried in those little easter dresses and hairbows!!! So fun!

  11. Their Easter dresses and bows are just PRECIOUS!! They are so sweet and beautiful. You are blessed!!

  12. The dresses are cute.... the bows not so much.... but the girls are definitely sweet. Happy Easter!


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