Sunday, March 28, 2010

Never a dull moment

Another week with the girls has flown by so fast. We have had such a blast with our little girls. They definitely keep us both on our toes. There seems to be no dull moments in the Stansel household. We stay busy everyday, but have gotten into a good routine. Rachel and Haley are getting bigger everyday. They have come a long way on their length and weight gain, though not enough. After their last pediatrician visit last Friday, it appears they are not gaining enough weight and Haley is not growing lengthwise enough. You wouldn't think this by looking at them with all their rolls. So to help increase their rate of weight gain we are going up on their formula intake. I have been increasing their formula volume and they seem to be tolerating the increase so far. I hope this helps them gain the weight better and Haley will grow lengthwise better as well. Rachel seems to be more alert each and every day. She constantly smiles and loves to kick her legs and throw her arms in the air. It seems she has discovered her hands because she likes looking at them. It's cute to watch her do some of the things she does. Haley seems to be more alert and aware of things as well. She is such a strong little girl. When we stand her up and let her feet touch the ground, she pushes her feet against the ground and stands up with our assistance. She is definitely a mover and a shaker. She is constantly moving her legs and arms well. One thing we seem to have noticed is that she is responding to bright lights. We were worried that she wouldn't be able to see light, but it appears she can. I guess time will only tell on what she can and can't see. When she is able to communicate with us we will definitely know what she sees and doesn't see. Both Haley and Rachel are "talking" more and more. It's not quiet in our home. We love to hear their little voices when they "talk". We are so thankful for both these girls. They are our whole world. We love to be around them and to play with them. They are just such precious little girls. We have been so blessed as well with a great church and Ward. We have had so many sisters come and help me during the day while Thomas is at work. We are also so grateful for all the wonderful meals brought to our home. We love and appreciate all those who have served our family.

Feeding Haley

Rachel enjoying her ball


  1. Ward....what does that mean? I do not think we have that here in Massachusetts. We use the word ward for voting. Lots of tubing everywhere !!! Once the babies get moving that will be something you will have to be very careful with. It looks like Rachel will be moving soon.

  2. Thank you for the posting! They are so cute! Sometimes it takes a while before they "catch up" but with all the help they are getting, I'm sure they will get there. You and Thomas are special parents and the girls are very lucky to have you.

  3. How precious! I get so happy after I read the posts. May ggod continue to bless your family :)

    Jennifer R.
    Houston TX

  4. I love noisy houses! Such a healthy sound! :)

  5. That's wonderful that they are doing so well.:D!!!!I'm so happy for Thomas and you,Amanda.Your girls are absolute doll babies.
    Best wishes always,Lauren

  6. There is nothing better than watching and listening to new spirits explore their world. What a joy!

    Frank and Virginia

  7. I am so glad that they are doing well and that Miss Haley seems to see bright lights!!! Avery had problems with growth and weight so we gave her very concentrated formula and now she is our best eater :)

    I am glad that your house has those sweet voices of the girls and that you are enjoying the moments!! They are so cute and getting so big!!!

  8. love those babies! it is so much fun to watch them grow and see their little personalities.

    In our church we have an organization called the Relief Society, the 'sisters' in RS are the women in the area who help wherever they may serve - all lovingly and freely given.
    a 'ward' is a group of families within the church, i love my ward and my sisters! for more info go to

    love, Erma

  9. So lovable and cute!

    Have you asked your doctor about making their bottles with juice instead of water (or a 50/50 mix)? When we were concerned about Maya's weight, which turned out to be unfounded, the nutritionist we talked to suggested this.

  10. It is fun to hear about their personalities developing! Looking back, I think the first five years are the best...they are learning, exploring and everything is fresh and new to them AND you!

  11. Your little girls are so precious and we are grateful you have them at home. What a joy to hear their voices and to see them progress. We wish all of you a very blessed Easter. Love from Salt Lake City - the land where it won't quit snowing!

  12. I used to love feeding time. I would hold my kids close to me and use that time to snuggle and bond.

  13. Happy Easter! Your girls are sure beautiful! I love the pics of them in their pink dresses. I love seeing their different personalities. That is exciting that Haley is using a bottle now! Hope she is getting better and better at it. They will go far because of all the love and attention you give them. I think it is great that you have a double stroller to get out with. Do you get to take them to church yet or do you have to avoid germs. Well I hope everyone is healthy and doing good.


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