Sunday, April 25, 2010

A surprise and cute smiles

Our beautiful little miracle girls continue to amaze Thomas and I. They both definitely have their own personalities and they are good at letting us know what they want. Haley always lets us know when she's hungry and wants a bottle. We decided to try Haley on Neosure formula. She was started on Elecare formula after her bowel surgery and then was transitioned to Nutramigen. Haley doesn't have any allergies to milk protein and had tolerated regular formula before her bowel surgery so it didn't quite make sense to keep her on the Nutramigen formula any longer. She tolerated the Neosure well and we were surprised when we gave her 3 ounces of Neosure in the bottle and she drank it all! What a wonderful surprise! We didn't have to use the tube or the pump. She must like the Neosure compared to the Nutramigen. The Nutramigen formula smells terrible so I don't blame her for not wanting to drink it. We are so proud of Haley for taking the whole bottle. I have been wanting her to take the whole bottle for so long. We will have to continue to have the tube in her nose until she is consistent with taking every full bottle. When she is tired she doesn't take it all and we must use the tube.

I finally got a picture of Haley smiling. Daddy was playing with her and got her to smile. She loves her daddy!

Rachel will definitely let you know when she is tired and ready to go to bed. She also lets us know when she wants to be held or she wants her pacifier. She is very observant and loves to look around and see everything in her surroundings. Rachel is getting better everyday. She is not coughing as much and she seems to be breathing better. We are so glad that this bought of sickness didn't send her to the hospital. We feel so blessed that both Rachel and Haley are watched over and blessed by our heavenly father. They could not have gotten this far with out him.

Rachel always smiling. She is a happy girl.

Well this week will be a good break for the girls and I. They only have one doctor's appointment on Friday with Dr. Farrior their pediatrician. It seems like every week the girls have a doctor's appointment almost everyday. So this week will be nice, but we know that the doctor's appointments will continue since the girls were so premature. We are grateful for all the help from doctor's and therapists in helping our girls achieve all they can.


  1. Yeah Haley! 3 ounces! She did it! That's amazing. I'm with you--neosure smells a WHOLE lot better than nutramigin--blech. Hopefully that will quickly become a trend and she can lose that one last tube!
    I'm glad Rachel is recovering quickly--I hope they have a good week!

  2. Such precious beautiful girls. That smile will melt your heart for sure. Keep up the good work Haley and Rachel, you are defiantely some sweetie pies. :) Sherri

  3. My! The girls look all so grown-up! they are loosing their baby faces for toddler faces.

    Wonderful to see them so happy and growing!

    Frank and Virginia

  4. Oh how I love to see those sweet smiles! They are angels!

  5. The girls are looking so grown-up and so cute. I love their little smiles!!

    One thing I am so happy that Haley to hear that Haley is doing better since you switched formula's we had the same issue with Miss Avery, once we switched to an elemental formula she started taking bottles better and in about 2 months was completely of the tube. I will pray for the same for Miss Haley.

    Also that is Awesome that Miss Rachel is getting so quickly!!

  6. Things are looking good. Congratulations!

  7. Such precious smiles! way to go Haley - you'll get rid of that tube soon! keep up the good work.
    Rachel continue to get over that ratty pneumonia! You are such sweethearts - small wonder we all love you so!
    your folks aren't so hard to love either!! ;-)
    love, Erma

  8. I'm so happy for you! The girls will continue to surprise everybody. Haley's smile is beautiful, and Rachel looks wonderful as usual.


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