Sunday, March 14, 2010

The girls the past week

The week has come and gone. Time passes by so quickly since we stay busy. The girls are doing really well. We are excited and happy with their progress at home. We are sorry we have not posted lately. Our Internet went down and we just got it repaired.

The girls had a fun week. They got to spend another week with grandma who stayed with us. They love her and will miss her when she goes back to Austin. They went on their first ride around the block in our neighborhood in the double stroller. I like to call the double stroller the "bus" since it is so big and heavy. Its good though to get them around in.

Rachel has had good week. Rachel is progressing. She loves toys that light up and make sound. She loves to be in her bouncer with the lights and sound going. Every time you turn it on she gets this big smile on her face. She is observant and loves to look around at what is going on around her. Rachel is growing. She is now over 12lbs. She is such a beautiful girl. We just love and cherish every minute we have with her. Rachel had a few favorite nurses in the NICU, one named Cathleen. We hope to have her over for dinner one night to reunite with Rachel. She loves Rachel, she just connected with her so well. We are grateful to her and all the medical personnel who helped our girls along in the NICU.

Rachel trying on her Eskimo hat. I was curious how this hat would look on her - too cute. Its too warm in Texas to wear this hat now.

Rachel smiling as she watches her toy light up.

Little Haley continues to make progress in ways and still needs some work in other ways. That is why we have many different people coming to help her like physical therapy, occupational therapy and ECI. She is a little behind Rachel in her weight. She is pushing 11lbs. The pediatrician suggested we increase her calories so we did. Haley is such a lovable little girl. She loves to be held and rocked. She usually is as content as can be when she is being held. We adore her and love her very much as we do Rachel.

Haley sitting up in the Bumbo chair. She is gaining some head control.

Haley without her glasses on.


  1. They said Haley isn't growing fast enough but look at some CHUBBY CHEEKS! (SQUEAL!) They don't know what they are talking about! Those cheeks are PERFECT for smoochin'! :)

    Rachel looks sooooo cute playing!

    So glad you updated!

  2. They are beautiful. So glad to hear they are doing so well at home :)

  3. These girls are just so precious. You guys are doing a great job, I have been following your website since they were born. I am so happy that you finally have them home where you and Thomas can love on them 24/7
    A friend in Florida

  4. Both children are very sweet. Thank you for sharing the photos, especially the one of Haley without her glasses! :-) I see you fulfilled my request! :-)

    I was wondering - is it okay to bring them out in the stroller this soon out of the hospital? I have a friend with a preemie who they were told shouldn't leave the house because it is RSV season still. Is that true or is my friend extremely over-protective? I guess I would be that way, too! LOL.

  5. Awww just look at Rachel's cute smile and that hat is adorable.Haley looks cute in her little chair!They are just to cute!I bet Haley catches up to her sister fast then they will always be on the go.Wow I bet they loved the stroller ride!

    I'm glad everything is going so well for you guys,I love hearing updates on the girls.

    Best wishes always,Lauren

  6. Looks like they are both coming along beautifully! You are blessed to have such beautiful girls who are getting healthier and stronger every day. They are lucky to have such attentive parents. Hope the four of you have a wonderful and productive week!

  7. The girls are just adorable! I can't believe they're so big! Ours are almost 6 months and about 9lbs. Keep loving those babies!

  8. glad to see you! i knew you'd be having fun with the girls.. they are both so very loveable and i agree - those cheeks were made for smoochin'..

    love you all!
    Erma, Midvale,Utah

  9. They have come so far, they are cuties. You might notice later on that Haley might like to rock back and forth - thats what my daughter Noel likes to do - she has stage 5 ROP and cannot see, she loves rockin and she also eye presses. If you have a school for the blind there - would be a good idea to contact them too they should have a program where they come out to your house and work with her ( thats what they do here )

  10. Absolutly precious!! I always check back for status updates and i looked today and was like YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! i just think there to cute for words! god bless and i will continue to wait for more updates on the girls!

    Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to update us!


  11. The girls are looking so good!

  12. Thanks for the update. The girls are looking so cute! Rachel smile is just precious! Haley is just as cute, specially sitting up in the bumbo chair! Congratulations!

  13. I love their cute chubby cheeks!
    And how fun to take them for walks--I bet they LOVE looking around after so long in the NICU. Take lots of pictures--time just flies by!

  14. Aw so CUTE. I love those glasses, they are just darling on her. And if Haley weighs 11 pounds, i think 7 pounds of it must be in those fabulous squeezy cheeks! :)

  15. They are just precious and are getting so big. I just want to kiss their sweet little cheeks! They grow so fast and seem to be improving everyday. I really enjoy reading your story and I pray EVERYDAY that your sweet miracles improve every minute. Keep the updates coming, we love keeping up with their progress! Come by and visit us sometime! I blog about my twins daily!!

  16. They are just so sweet and cute. They are getting bigger and bigger and looks so healthy.

    It was so fun to see Haley without her glasses and Rachel with her darling little busy as you are with the girls you will be celebrating their 1 year birthday before you know it!!!


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