Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haley's Home!

We are a day late on this announcement, but are happy to say that Haley returned home yesterday (2/17). We are getting back into the routine of things back at home. Her first night home was not the best. She was fussy and crying due to her reflux. We can tell it hurts her. She is on Previcid. We also think she was getting used to the change in environment. She slept most of the day today since she didn't get much sleep. Mommy and Daddy are tired and hope little Haley has a better night tonight. We all need good sleep! She had an appointment with Dr. Farrior her pediatrician today. We absolutely love Dr. Farrior. He is a great doctor. He is very thorough with Haley, and we truly feel that he has a deep interest in her well being. We would recommend him to anyone. Haley will be visiting many different physicians in the next few weeks and months. We are so thankful to have her back home as she brings much happiness to our home. Haley's updated weight is 9 pounds 13 oz.

Haley home again

Sleepy Haley

Rachel also has a new home. She was moved to the level 2 NICU at Woman's Hospital today. Rachel is on her way out the door soon. In fact Dr. Jarrell told us yesterday that possibly by the end of next week she could very well be home with Haley. We hope to have her join her sister next week. She is growing like a weed, she is over 10lbs now. We will hope and pray that she will be with us here at home sooner rather than later.



  1. What great news I'm glad Haley is home with her mommy and daddy.

    The faces Rachel makes in her pics are so freaking cute and funny.What a little chubster she is :).Haley's glasses are so cute on her.Seeing your girls every day really brings a smile to my face.Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Enjoy having Haley home with you and in no time at all Rachel and her will be sleeping in their nursery together I bet they miss each other.

    Take care Stansel family :)

  2. You should be sleeping this late, but the update was awesome! COngrats!! I love the pictures and I bet you can't wait to get them both home! Hang in there, but I bet even sleep deprivation is sweet just knowing she is home...

  3. What awesome news! Can't wait to see pics of the girls reunited!!!

  4. That is awesome news. And your car seat cover, btw is so cute!!

    I can't wait until you have your sweet little "chubsters" home too!

    Question: Who is going to be home with the girls when they are both home? I know a few months back you shared with us that you had returned to work. But I assume you are home with Haley right now. Are you staying home with them and leaving work, or just for a little while? I think you had said your maternity time was up. I was wondering/worrying about what would happen.

  5. What wonderful news!!!! Praying all goes well for Haley and that Rachel will be home in a few days!!! Life's about to really get crazy fun for you two!!!

  6. Oh I can't wait until they are home together!! What a wonderful blessing that will be! I also always recommend Dr. Farrior to everyone, he's wonderful and my daughter just loves him. I'm so glad you guys found such a sweet and caring Dr. to look after your little ones. I hope your evenings will get better soon, those first few nights are rough! I'm sure yall will get your schedules in line just in time for Rachel to come home and throw you off again!! :) But of course, it's worth it to have both of your beautiful angels home with you. They are so cute!!! Oh, and I love Haley's carseat! Damask is so adorable :)

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  7. This is great news! I'm praying that your family will all be reunited at home SOON!! Your girls are absolutely beautiful. What an amazing blessing. Big Hugs!

  8. Smiling wiht you on this happy day! What a blessing to have your beautiful baby girl home with you! Praying that by the end of next week all four of you will be together. With love and prayers!!!

  9. So glad to hear that Haley is home, but I can guarantee you won't be getting any full night's sleep anytime too soon! Any infant, especially a special needs infant, isn't going to sleep through the night. Just make sure to get sleep whenever she is sleeping. Even if that is during the day. She doesn't know the difference between night and day - she was in a NICU for 6 months. Just breathe, take it easy, and revel in her being home! :-)

  10. Just a thought. I have been reading and praying for your family for months now and I wanted to share something that worked wonders for our littlest one. She also suffered from severe reflux and the Prevacid did little to nothing. We ended up at a chiropractor and while I fought it at first as I had never used one and then she was so tiny I was scared. But after much proding from a good friend that had seen it work for her daughter we tried it and the results were AMAZING!! The hours of crying were cut down after the first treatment and by the third visit, she was sleeping for hours at a time! Just an idea. God bless your family.

  11. Amanda is sooo right! that is the first place my daughter takes her new borns - to see the fabulous Dr. Gunn, my chiropractor for over 30 years.. he is so gentle and knows just where to press, ever so gently. Chance (17) was called Chunks at first - his reflux was so bad - Riley (14) was just so wiggly and couldn't get comfy - till they visited Dr. G.
    They were better after only two or three visits. we love Dr Gunn..
    so glad Haley is home. you will so enjoy her, just remember to sleep when she does, she'll get to night time sleeping soon. she is so perfectly delightful.
    Rachel continues to crack us up! her sense of humor is going to be great!
    i'm so happy for you.
    lovies, Erma, Midvale Utah

  12. I agree, I wouldn't count on getting good sleep at night for quite awhile. My twins were full-term and still gave me a run for my money. Having 2 babies is just tons of work, special needs or not. Just make sure to sleep whenever they do and try to arrange for some help during the day. I'm assuming you're at home now during the day.

  13. :-)
    Wait till you have the two at home!!
    I believe you must just forget about the words "being tired"...
    enjoy every moment and don't think...
    A month can seem so long, you feel the situation will never have an end... but time goes so fast!
    It seems Yesterday when my husband and I were there, sitting on the couch... "the day they will turn 20 is so far far away!"
    Today they are 24 and it seems yesterday!
    enjoy, time goes by too fast!

  14. They are SO CUTE! Congrats on Haley being home again. My sympathies for the reflux. My sweet little 8 wk old has been suffering from it, too. She is on Zantac, but still has bad days. Amanda Sikes comment intrigues me, because someone commented on my blog with the same suggestion! Hmmm. . .

  15. Congratulations! You must be so very excited. Little note on the reflux, our little guy still has some pretty bad reflux (he is 12.5 months adjusted, 16 calendar age. However, a combination of Prevacid and Zantac really helps deal with the pain and discomfort.

    Good luck and hopefully Rachel will be home with you soon as well!

  16. My advice is to stay home with the babies for as long as you can. Everyone has worked so hard to get them this far. It is not worth taking a chance and leaving them. As parents, you are the only ones that know your babies, their every quirk, when they are happy and when they are not. As a mother of two preemies, the best decision I made was to stay home with them until they were out of the woods, able to talk and old enough for pre-school. Although my career was put on hold, I would not chance a thing. Besides, I trusted no one except for my husband and I to take care of them early on. Everyone wants to help, but you have to be a hundred per cent sure who you leave them with when you are not there. Good luck!!!

  17. I have survived my first year with twins. I was blessed enough, after 8 weeks of bedrest, to have healthy twins to come home with me. Even so, it wasn't until they were about 4 months old that they slept through the night. Expect LOTS of sleep deprived weeks until they get into a schedule and are big enough to sleep through at least a solid six hours (I think we partied the next day when this happened). Find a way to sleep when they sleep. I came home, fed them, took a nap with them, and managed to deal until my husband came home. was his turn until 2 am. It's tough, but will seem like such a distant memory in 6-8 months!

  18. delighted that little miss haley is home again !! i pray all goes well and she settles into her new routine soon. please God let rachel soon join her sister at home :D

  19. Hi I have been following your blog for awhile. Your girls are an amazing work of God and you and your husbands faith and strengh is awesome! I wanted to let you know that my son was a former 25 weeker and had severe reflux however it is under control. Pediatricians seem to under dose the prevacid so another mom sent me this web site its the amount of prevacid that can be given safely and after giving the website to my sons ped he was on the right dose and he is now so much happier btw he is 2 now. Here is the website

  20. Amanda and Thomas, I'm very happy with the news! It will be a special day! I can imagine how much you need to sleep. I know how it is, but it slowly gets better.

    The pictures are so cute! Haley's bow looks great with her glasses! Rachel looks so alert! She has beautiful eyes! I can't wait to see a picture of both together.

    Thank you for taking the time to post the news. I don't know how you find enough time, but I'm glad you do!




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