Saturday, February 6, 2010

Continuing to Endure

Rachel and Haley continue to progress, endure and do as well as they can in the hospital. They both are such beautiful little girls. We adore both more than anything in this world.

Haley is now on day six this time around in the hospital. She is doing much better than she was when she was admitted. They have been able to control her pulmonary hypertension with oxygen and sildenafil(viagra). The sildenafil helps reduce the pressure on the pulmonary artery that goes to the heart. Thomas and I were visiting with her last night and noticed a rash on her face and eyelids and on the trunk of her body. We thought maybe she was allergic to one of the medications she was started on, but this afternoon when we visited her it was gone. We still would like to know what caused her belly to become distended. So far they have no cause for it. We hope that they figure it out soon, so that this doesn't happen again. We hope Haley will be back home with us soon.

Haley laying in her hospital crib

Rachel continues to thrive since her surgery a few weeks ago. She is such an alert little girl. She seems to have her nights and days straight. They tell us she has been sleeping through the night. Now she just needs to teach her sister that. Rachel's staph infection is looking a hundred times better than it did. The antibiotics have been going for six days. She has another 4 days to go. The antibiotics seem to be working. She is still trying to master the whole bottle feeding thing. She is not doing the greatest with it, but that is ok OT will continue to work with her. We are hoping to have Rachel home with us within a month or less. We can't wait to have both girls home with us. I look forward to getting a picture of both girls together at home. Home is not the same without them both. We love and cherish them so very much.

Rachel blowing bubbles


  1. I love baby bubbles!!! My little one used to blow bubbles when she was getting hungry. I hope both girls are home soon, I know it's got to be so tough to be away from them. They are both getting so big and of course, more adorable everyday!!

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  2. gorgeous little girls!!! I'm praying they both get to go home soon!!!

  3. Praying for both of your girls to be going home with you soon.

  4. Dear, sweet babies! just beautiful!
    the day you post the picture of them together at home will be cause for celebration.
    i am so grateful for the excellent medical care they are receiving --
    they must be very special little spirits with a great work to do here...

  5. They are beautiful. We are continuing to pray for them.


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