Saturday, January 20, 2018

Halloween 2017

Its weird to be writing about Halloween in January but I want to include these pics because my kids looked so cute in their costumes.  We enjoyed the Halloween season by going to a pumpkin patch and then to our church trunk or treat.  Kayla also participated in her Kindergarten character parade (last picture below).

Pictures from the pumpkin patch:

Pictures from our church trunk or treat:

The picture below is Kayla at her Kindergarten character parade.  She was the character from the book A Rainbow of my Own.  She wore her rainbow dress (Halloween costume in above pics) and red rain boots.  She was suppose to wear a yellow rain hat but she didn't want to.  You can tell in the picture she was being shy during the parade.  Little stinker!


  1. Love all the updates! Glad everyone is doing well. They are growing up so fast!!!!

  2. Their costumes looks great. They are getting so big now, the pumpkin patch pics really show how much they have grown.


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