Saturday, November 26, 2016

Brandon is 11 months old

Brandon turned 11 months old on November 14th.  He weighed 19 pounds, 5 oz.  He is making so much progress.  He is rolling so well now and started doing some army crawling and scooting.  It's so great to see him use those legs to move his body along the floor.  He moves slowly but he is moving!  He is also getting stronger with sitting.  He can prop sit a little.  It's taking him longer than I expected to learn how to sit, but I know he WILL be able to do it.  With spina bifida it takes time for the body to learn how to use those muscles and understand how the body moves.  He continues to get physical therapy 2 times a week.

Brandon is such a good baby.  He is so easy going, but he can be feisty at times.  He makes me laugh and he makes such cute faces.  I love his hugs.  He is such a mommy's boy!  I am going to miss this baby phase when it passes.  I really wish he and his sisters didn't have to grow up so fast.

Brandon is still sleeping well at night.  He sleeps from 8:30 pm to about 7:30 or 8 am.  He is a picky eater for sure.  He really likes his baby cereal.  I do give him baby food but he is just not into it like the cereal.  He loves to eat those Gerber puffs.  He started feeding those to himself back in October.  

Brandon has had another bladder infection, but thankfully it cleared up nicely with antibiotics.  Poor baby gets bladder infections so easily.  He is cathed 1-2 times a day and we are cathing as cleanly as possible.  He is just prone to them.

Brandon has had his last "first" holiday - Thanksgiving.  I can't believe his first birthday is just around the corner.  I am excited to have him home for Christmas this year.  It will be his second Christmas, but his first one at home.

We love this boy so much and are so grateful for him and his sisters.

First Thanksgiving

Prop sitting

He didn't like the grass

Our little football

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  1. He is doing so well and is such a handsome little guy


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