Friday, March 25, 2016

Lil' Rustler's Rodeo

Rachel and Haley were invited to attend the Lil' Rustler's Rodeo at the Houston Rodeo this year.  The Lil' Rustler's Rodeo is just for kids with special needs and it allows the kids to ride horses and do fun activities that are Rodeo related.  We went to this on March 7th (doing some catching up on my blog).  When we arrived we found out that only Haley was registered to go into the arena to do the activities.  So we were frustrated that Rachel was not allowed to participate.  We stayed to allow Haley to participate.  Haley was assigned to a "cowboy" (an adult to accompany her into the arena) and we watched from the bleachers.  Haley was scared and only wanted to be held by the "cowboy".  Haley gets scared easily in unfamiliar situations.  She didn't want to do any of the activities and didn't really enjoy it at all.  So it wasn't the best experience, but we did get to go to the Rodeo grounds this year even though we didn't get to experience all the Rodeo had to offer.   Here are the pictures I was able to get.

Rachel and a Rodeo clown

Kayla and Rodeo clowns
Haley being held by her "Cowboy"
Kayla watching Haley



  1. Love all the pictures, but my favorite is Kayla watching Haley. Hope your family has a great Easter.


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