Friday, December 11, 2015

36 Weeks and Kayla's Birthday

On Wednesday December 9th, I hit the 36 week mark!  I am so surprised that I have made it this far with baby boy.  I'm so big that I thought for sure my body would have said enough is enough a week or so ago, but I'm still going just not sure how much longer.  I'm also so glad that I made it past Kayla's birthday and that her and her brother won't share a birthday.

36 weeks

On Wednesday December 9th (Kayla's Birthday), she went to preschool where they sang "Happy Birthday" to her and had treats with her friends/classmates.  Kayla got embarrassed when they sang to her and she didn't want everyone looking at her.  This is a new fear of hers because she hasn't really had this fear before.  She sure did enjoy the cupcake and cookie she had though.

While her preschool class was singing to her

Some updates about Kayla as a now 4 year old:
- She is finally potty trained!  She finally got the hang of it in September.  She still has some accidents here and there, but so glad she is using the potty like a big girl!
- She is a talker and talks a lot.
- She is making lots of new friends at preschool and church.  She loves having friends.
- She loves "My little pony".
- She is all girl and loves to try on several different outfits a day.
- She is really liking ballet and tries to do ballet dancing in our living room regularly.  We need to get her into a ballet class soon.  She also loves to wear tutu's.
- She's excited to become a BIG sister!

I will be taking Kayla's 4 year old pictures within the next couple of months.  I'm going to have to work around her upcoming new baby brother and finding the time to do it.


  1. I have been thinking about you and hoping you carried him past Kayla's birthday. So pleased for you all that he obliged. Cannot wait to read of his arrival to your family and pray it is as uneventful as possible with his medical issues

  2. 36 weeks 2 days, with Kayla you went 36 weeks 5 days, so we will see if big boy can hang for another 3 plus days ;-) I am hoping you go to 37 weeks honestly. You look amazing and Kayla is such a cutie. Praying for a uneventful delivery, and that baby boy is as healthy as can be and if he needs surgery like they are saying that it goes smoothly and without hicups. please do update us once he has arrived, even just a picture. I can not wait to meet the newest addition to your wonderful family.


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