Saturday, June 7, 2014

Last Day of Preschool!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted anything on this blog.  The month of May is always busy for me.  I do a big photo shoot that always results in almost 1,000 pictures to edit.  It took me longer than expected to finish this time, but am finally done and can get back to blogging!

Rachel and Haley hit a big milestone - they graduated from preschool!  June 6, was their last day of preschool.  I'm sad as this means they will no longer have Mrs. Tucker as their teacher as well as the teacher assistants.  We were so blessed to have Mrs. Tucker and the teacher assistants as Rachel and Haley's preschool teachers, but Rachel and Haley will be 5 years old when the next school year starts and so that means they will be going to kindergarten!  Time flies too fast and my miracle little girls are growing up!

Rachel and Haley

I took pictures of Rachel and Haley on their first day of preschool this past school year and on their last day of preschool.  Its neat to see how much they have changed over the 9 month school year.


Rachel and Haley received an award from their teacher for all the hard work they did in preschool.  They have made progress (will go into more detail about that in a future blog post).  They have come a long way and will continue to make more progress as time goes on.  Rachel and Haley love school and they will miss their teachers dearly.

Mrs. Tucker and Haley

Mrs. Tucker and Rachel

I gave the teacher and teacher assistants each a Target gift card.  I found this cute saying to go with it on Pinterest.  


  1. I can see that both girls have grown, and look happy. Your eternal family looks good!

  2. Sweet girls! They 'landed' to the best parents ever - so precious to follow their paths. Hugs from Finland.

  3. So lovely to see how they've been getting on and to catch up with the progress! Well done Haley and Rachel and all the best for your new school. Xx


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