Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A visit to the Dentist

I'm catching up some on my blog.  I thought I would write about the girls most recent visit to the dentist which was back in April/May.  We switched the girls to a new dental office and this was their first visit there.  We are happy with this dental office and will be returning to them for future appointments.

I don't think many kids like the dentist and my girls are no exception.  They can't stand going, but they made it through this last visit.

In April, Rachel and Haley had their check up and cleanings.  Rachel always fights so strongly and she had to be wrapped up so the dentist could do the exam and clean her teeth.  The good news is that she has no cavities!

(These pictures are from my phone so sorry for the blur).

Haley did ok with the exam and cleaning back on April 9th.  She didn't have any cavities either, but she had a tooth (upper lateral incisor) that was malformed and needed to be pulled.  We brought her back to the dentist late May to get that tooth pulled.  She was not happy with this and had to be wrapped up so they could get the tooth pulled.  She was scared and crying, but she did good and the tooth was pulled with no problems.  Haley lost her first tooth on May 28th!  She was a trooper!

Haley getting her tooth pulled

Kayla had her exam and cleaning the same day Haley had her tooth pulled.  I didn't get a picture of Kayla during her exam because I had to hold her during it and she fought hard.  Poor girl cried the whole time, but her teeth are good and she had no cavities as well!

All in all it was a good experience at this dental office.  They handled my strong willed kids so well!

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  1. It’s nice to hear that your kids don’t have cavities. It only shows how attentive you are to their dental hygiene. I think it’s natural for kids to be quite apprehensive when it comes to visiting the dentist. But at least they went through it quite well, right? It’s also nice that you had that malformed teeth pulled early. It would have been unsightly for Haley to have that as she grew up, not to mention that it could also put risks to her oral health. :)
    Jeff Wade @ Spring Branch Dental


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