Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Thomas and I both have birthdays in September.  His is on September 22 and mine is on September 29.  To celebrate we went out for dinner together by ourselves or with friends/family four times between our two birthdays.  It was nice having date nights to celebrate our birthdays.

On September 20, we went to a restaurant that we have not been to before - Papa Mio.   It's recommended here in Houston and it was good.  I would like to go back again soon.

After dinner we went for ice cream at Amy's ice cream.  I love their ice cream.  The mexican vanilla is the BEST!  So good!

Thomas enjoying some mexican vanilla ice cream
After the ice cream we went to the Downtown Aquarium to ride the rides and see the exhibits.  Unfortunately the rides were closed due to the stormy, rainy weather that evening.  We still enjoyed our time together and saw the really neat fish and exhibits.

September 21, we went out to dinner with some friends from Church.  We ate at Pappasito's.  Again had a great time with friends.

On Thomas's actual birthday (22nd), I made him dinner and dessert.  It was a low key day seeing that it was a Sunday.

For my birthday, we went out to dinner on September 27 with my parents at Longhorn steakhouse.  I also got my traditional birthday cookie cake.  I have been getting these cakes almost every year for years now.  I love them!

On September 29, Thomas made me dinner.  He can make some really good cheese enchiladas!  I have a wonderful husband who is willing to cook for me.  He did a great job!  Then the next day (30th) we went out again to a restaurant that was recommended by a friend - The White Flamingo.  Again we enjoyed the food and time out together.

Overall we had a blast getting to go out to dinner together so many times.  This hasn't happened in several years!!  We are so grateful to the babysitters who watched our girls while we got a nice break celebrating our birthdays.

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  1. Wow, four times! That's the way to do it! Looks like you had a great time. Happy birthday!


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