Monday, June 10, 2013

Last day of Preschool!

On Friday June 7, Rachel and Haley had their last day of Preschool (PPCD) class for the 2012-2013 school year.  The teacher gave Rachel and Haley a certificate/reward for their hard work their first year in preschool.  Rachel and Haley really enjoyed their first year in preschool and we are so thankful for the teacher and teacher aids for all their hard work.  Rachel and Haley will be doing Summer school, but it will be at home!  The teacher will be coming to our home 3 times a week to help Rachel and Haley continue learning.  Rachel and Haley's teacher is just amazing!  We are so blessed to have her as their teacher.  She will be Rachel and Haley's teacher when they go back to school August 26.  We are so happy about that!  Way to go Rachel and Haley for completing your first year in preschool!

Rachel getting her certificate from her teacher
Haley getting her certificate
Kayla came to see her big sisters get their rewards

Rachel and Haley with the teacher and teacher aids.

I gave the teacher and teacher aids each a gift.  Yes I got the idea on Pinterest!  

After the rewards were given out, Rachel and Haley got to play on the school playground which they love.

Rachel sliding down the slide
Haley sliding down the slide with one of the teacher aids

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  1. Well done Haley and Rachel on your first year of pre school! Love the photos - the slide looks good fun. Enjoy your holidays x


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