Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kayla is 18 months!

Kayla turned 18 months on June 9.  She is growing up so fast and before I know it she will be 2!  Can I stop time?  I am enjoying all the cute little things Kayla is doing right now and sometimes I think it will last forever, but time keeps going on and she will continue to grow and change.  She is our precious little girl and we are so blessed to have her in the family.

Love the little face and smile she is making
Her stats at 18 months were: 20 pounds, 12 oz (7%ile), 30 inches (10%ile) and her weight for height is at the 50%ile.  She is a little one, but continues to be healthy and full of energy!

Lately, Kayla loves to eat.  She especially loves to snack.  She really likes Chex Mix, raisins, pickles and lots of other foods.  She is always wanting what daddy or I am eating.  She is a good eater for sure!

Kayla started going to the nursery at our church on June 2.  I thought for sure she would have no problems with me leaving her in there.  Well she did ok for a little while, but when I checked on her she was crying.  So her first day at nursery was not the best, but now she is doing great with no crying.  She can be a little too friendly with the other kids though.  She likes to give hugs and kisses, but the other kids don't know how to handle her.  She is a very friendly, outgoing little girl.

Her language is continuing to blossom.  She is saying ma,ma, da,da, shoes, dog, bye,bye, Hi, ball, baby, No and uh oh.  She also says tickle, tickle over and over when I tickle her.  She likes to be tickled.  Kayla will sometimes sign no, done and more.  She isn't consistent with it, but she is learning sign language while her sisters are learning it.

Kayla is a curious, active girl.  She can run and usually is running from me when she thinks its a game.  She is usually laughing as she is running from me.  She likes to get into everything.  I'm constantly having to watch what she will get into next.  She is also a drama queen.  She has many temper tantrums a day.  She also screams when she can't get what she wants.  Typical 18 month old!

She is very loving and likes hugs and kisses.  She will blow kisses and will give her sisters hugs and kisses.

Last couple of things:  She likes books and being read to before going to bed.  She continues to sleep well at night.
She is starting to notice when she does #2 in her diaper.  I'm not going to potty train her just yet.  Will wait until she is more ready, but she is moving in that direction.  

Love this girl so much!  She is a bright spot in my life along with her big sisters.


  1. Kayla is so cute pretty sweet adorable - simply priceless!

  2. Kayla is looking so grown up and pretty in these photos. What a beautiful dress it really suits her. What a blessing she is on your family. And Amanda, again what great photos x


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