Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kayla is 16 months old

I am late about a week on getting Kayla's 16 month update posted.  Things have been busy lately at our house and I have been so exhausted that I have neglected my blog a little.  Time doesn't stop and Kayla is now 16 months old.

At 16 months (April 9th) she weighed 19 pounds, 14 oz.  She most likely is 20 pounds now.  She is wearing 12 month clothing now.  Yeah!  She is growing, but will be petite.

At 15 months old, she was still getting one bottle a day (before bed), but at 15 1/2 months, I stopped giving it to her and she has done so well.  She is growing up so fast!  She loves her sippy cup and is doing well with it.  She loves her milk!  She continues to sleep well at night (12 hours).  As for her eating, she is doing good.  She usually tries whatever I give her, but she has her favorite foods for sure.

Trying out black and white with this look from Kayla
Kayla has a lot of personality.  She is fun-loving, happy and full of spunk.  She is definitely out going and likes to go up to people at church and sit with them.

Kayla continues to work on her talking.  She says "dog", "ball", "ma ma", "da da", "bye, bye".  I have been teaching her sign language and she recently started signing "more".  She sees the therapists teaching sign language to her sisters so she is starting to catch on to it.

Kayla loves her baths, looking at books, going outside, swinging on a swing, playing with her toys and getting into everything.  She continues to love playing with her big sisters.  She has a blast playing with them.  It melts my heart to see them all play together laughing.  Love my girls!


  1. Amanda, Kayla is an absolute doll. She is growing up so fast. It is so wonderful that y'all are teaching her how to sign at such a young age. Your daughters were meant to be here and I have a feeling they will have such an impact on so many people in their lifetime. You and Thomas are wonderful parents. Thank you for sharing your precious daughters as they grow up.

  2. What a beautiful post. Kayla is growing so fast and I can't believe she is learning sign language, that's so special! She has a beautiful smile and her facial expressions are precious. The pictures are beautiful, specially the one in black and white. She is looking so much like Thomas. Congratulations, she is a princess!

  3. I started following your Blog right after the sextuplets were born and I am so happy to see that Life Is Good For all of You! God is so Wonderful!
    Peggy K
    Alvin, Texas


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