Monday, February 4, 2013

Rachel & Haley are 3 1/2 years old!

 Rachel and Haley are already 3 1/2 years old!  They both are really growing up and making some progress.  Their progress is slow at times, but at their own pace they are getting it.  Both Rachel and Haley continue therapy (occupational, speech and physical).  They are going to a therapy center 25 minutes away from our home for their occupational and speech therapy, but its only 2 times a week.  So we are looking at going back to having occupational and speech therapy come to our home for their therapy.  Rachel and Haley need these therapies at least 3 times a week or more.  The more often they have therapy the better they are at making progress.  Despite the slow progression, Rachel and Haley are thriving.  They are loved and we are blessed!

Here is the update for Rachel and Haley:

Rachel:  Rachel has gotten so tall.  I don't know her exact height measurement, but she has grown.  She weighs 34 pounds.  Rachel is the lucky one as she gets the most of the new clothes since she is the biggest.  It's interesting that Rachel was the biggest of all the sextuplets. 
Rachel is still fed 100% thru her g-tube.  She just won't swallow food.  She will swallow a little amount of water.  Its going to take a while to get her past this challenge.  I pray for her everyday.  We hope we will be able to find an occupational and a speech therapist that will be able to help her.
Rachel is still not saying any words.  This is another challenge I pray about daily.  Rachel's severe hearing loss and the lack of her wearing her hearing aids are contributing to her not talking.  Rachel doesn't like to wear her hearing aids and it's so hard to get her to keep them in her ears.  Rachel also breaks her hearing aids often.  So that takes time to get them fixed.  Again with time, she will learn to wear them and hopefully learn to talk.
Rachel is doing well in preschool.  She is doing better with her attention span with tasks at school.  She loves the routine the teacher has for her.  Rachel is so observant and interested in new things.  She explores all she can.  She also watches what others do and tries to do it.  She tries to put on her clothes as well as her socks and shoes.  She still needs a lot of assistance, but she is getting the concept.  Rachel is a girly girl.  She likes getting dressed and gets excited when she gets dressed into a dress.
Rachel has a lot of energy and is so active.  She is still in the stage of getting into everything.  Rachel is a special girl with a beautiful smile.  She is daddy's princess.  She is 100% a daddy's girl.


 Haley:  Haley is a petite princess, but she actually has grown some in height.  Again I don't have her exact height measurement, but she is finally growing out of some of her 18 month pants and clothes.  Yes she is still wearing 18-24 month size clothes.  She weighs 25 pounds.  She may be tiny, but she is strong and limber.  Haley loves to climb on anything.  I really think Haley will be in the special Olympics one day.
Haley is doing ok with her eating.  She still doesn't like some soft mushy foods.  She prefers hard and crunchy.  Though she loves her Chef Boyardee meals.
Haley wears her hearing aids well most of the time, but she is not talking either.  This again will take time and something Thomas and I have to be patient with.  Haley's has moderate hearing loss, but her lack of vision has made things somewhat challenging for her.  Haley has been blessed to be able to have a small amount of vision in her right eye and be able to get around fairly well.  She does need some guidance though.  Haley will be getting a contact lens for her right eye and new glasses in the (hopefully) near future.  We have been trying to get into the doctor to get her contact lens fitted, but there has been issues with getting the authorization.  Eventually it will get done.  She will be able to get that contact lens and it will improve her vision.
Haley loves preschool and is doing well with the routine.  Haley also likes to explore and uses her hands to do so.
Haley has a wonderful laugh and smile.  She is a happy girl.  She loves her bath time and her toys.  She also loves to be outside and to swing in a swing.  Haley will go up to anyone and lift up her arms to indicate she wants to be picked up.  She is very loving.  Haley has a sweet little spirit.  She is both a mommy's girl and a daddy's girl.  



  1. Have you looked into getting Cochlear Implants for the girls? If they are not talking they probably are not hearing. Cochlear implants are for nerve damage and are a miracle for deaf children.Go to the Cochlear America's web site and check them out. Don't wait! The girls are nearing the age when optimal hearing can no longer be reached.

    1. Yes we have asked the girls audiologist and their ENT about the cochlear implant, but they said the girls are not candidates for it at this point. We will be asking about it again! Thanks for the advice.

  2. We use Kingwood Speech Pathology for speech/ feeding and OT. They are really amazing! I have triplets that were born at 25 weeks so we've had to overcome a lot as well. I couldn't find your personal email but will check back to see if you would like to talk and get any info I have to offer. Take care!

    1. Thank you for your comment. You can email me at I would love more information!

  3. I love your positive attitude , Amanda. With you and Thomas for parents helping the girls reach their potential, they are indeed blessed. They are so cute and special.It's obvious how loved they are.

  4. I've been reading this blog since the sextuplets were born and I've never commented before. I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy these little glimpses into their lives and the updates on how they are doing. I know it can't be easy updating and giving up that little bit of privacy, but I so look forward to every update on how they progress. Bless your beautiful family.

  5. Rachel and Haley are beautiful girls and very blessed to have the parents they do. They are making progress, slowly but surely, and I'm sure they will overcome a lot more than we can imagine. I'm glad they were "placed" in the right household, with parents who are as special as they are!

  6. I too have been following your amazing story since the babies were born, and you and Thomas are just God's special parents for these delightful pretty girls. I love LOVE the dressy pictures of them. Girly girls all the way, all 3 of them!! God Bless you and Thomas as you move through life and get these little ladies ready for adulthood. You are such an inspiration----both of you!! I just love your updates!!

    ---Keely in Atlanta, GA

  7. I, too, have read your blog since the babies were born. I have suffered with your losses and rejoiced in your victories.

    All three of your girls are truly blessed to have been given the parents they have.

    You and your husband never cease to impress me with your positive outlook.

    I think about you and pray for you often.


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