Monday, February 11, 2013

Kayla is 14 months old

My little Kayla continues to grow up and is now 14 months old!  She is such a delight and I'm so happy she is here along with her sisters.

Kayla weighs 19 pounds, 6 ounces.  She now has 8 teeth.  She has made a lot of progress this past month. She is doing well with eating.  She is accepting more foods and is willing to try new foods.  I weaned her down to one bottle a day - the one right before bed.  That one will be tough to eliminate.  She is doing well with the sippy cup and is tolerating the whole milk.  She can even drink from a regular cup, but needs some assistance or she will spill.

Kayla is an active girl!  She gets into everything and explores everything.  She is walking faster - almost running!  She loves to ride her pony (as pictured above).  She waves and says bye, bye.  She likes to dance with her toy dog that plays the song "Who let the dogs out?".  

Kayla hugging her toy dog

 Kayla loves her baths and usually gets mad when I get her out.  She also loves to go outside for walks.

Thankfully, Kayla sleeps well at night (hoping I don't jinx myself for writing this).  She sleeps a good 12 hours or more.  She only takes one nap a day for maybe an hour.

Overall, Kayla is doing well and is healthy.  We are so grateful for this sweet precious girl whom we love very much!



  1. A priceless princess she definitely is!!!

  2. She's getting so grown up - again Amanda - what lovely photos, you really capture the moment. Happy 14 months Kayla!

  3. What a doll! She is growing so fast!


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