Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rachel & Haley's 3rd Birthday Party!

It was nice being able to have a party with our family and friends to celebrate the girls 3rd birthday on their actual birthdate.  I really like when birthday's fall on a Saturday.  Rachel and Haley had a great time on their birthday and really enjoyed the whole day of their party.  We had a full day of celebrating for them.  It started in the morning at our neighborhood splash pad, then had cake and opened gifts in the afternoon and last the girls enjoyed bouncing in their new bouncer in the early evening.

At the Splash Pad

Haley having fun!  She loves the water!
Rachel and Haley with their cousins

Cake and gifts

This year for the girls cake, I got them each a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  These cake are very good and so moist.  The cakes turned out so girly and cute!

The girls cakes
Haley and Rachel digging into their cupcakes
Haley not to sure about it
Rachel enjoying the taste of it without swallowing any of it

The girls gifts in their new wagon
Haley and Rachel opening their gifts from Aunt Michelle.  Their cousin Emily helped them out.
Haley likes to climb on anything.  Here she is after climbing on top of one of her gifts.

The Bouncer 

Rachel and Haley like to jump.  Thomas, I, Grandma and Grandpa Benedict got them this bouncer.  They love it!  This bouncer also fits in our living room for when its too hot/cold or raining outside.

Haley and Rachel in the bouncer


  1. What cuties!! Happy birthday to the little miracles!

  2. Sooo sweet! I have been reading forever, finally blogging myself :)

  3. What a beautiful birthday! Looks like the girls had a blast and I'm sure they will love the bouncer.

  4. Continue to read about their hearing difficulties. Are you familar with cochlear implants? My grandson (Also premie) could not hear with hearing aides either and received a cochlear implant when he was two. The difference was amazing. Hes now almost four and he talks as much as hearing kids.


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