Monday, August 13, 2012

Girl's 1st trip to Galveston

Saturday (August 11) we decided to do a quick trip to Galveston to go to the beach.  For those who don't live in Texas, Galveston is an island in the Gulf of Mexico 45 miles southeast of downtown Houston.  We live about 65 miles from Galveston.  So not too long of a trip to get there.  This was the first time the girls have been to Galveston.  We have been wanting to take them to get pictures of them on the beach even though Galveston beaches are definitely not the prettiest out there.  The girls enjoyed it and I got some memorable pictures.

Daddy with Rachel & Haley

Rachel and Haley.  Couldn't get them to stand still for a picture.  This is the best I got.
Kayla and I
Kayla and I
Family picture
Another family picture



  1. It looks like you had a great day in Galveston. You have a beautiful family!

  2. Having been reading your blog for sometime, just don't comment very often. Your girls are just growing so fast and they are adorable. So glad they got all them dead fish cleaned up on Galveston beaches for you all. I have been to Galveston since 6 months after IKE hit the area. My parents live in Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Pennisula. You should take the girls on the ferry boat some time and visit the little island. They have come along way since IKE destroyed there little haven. We hope to make a trip in a month or to. I so want to see the new Pier in Galveston with that huge ferris wheel. Happy Belated Birthday to your girls. Have a very blessed day! Sherri

  3. Did you ride the ferry?! It's my VERY favorite thing to do there! If not you'll have to be sure to next time (it's free!). Also there's a fab place to eat there- though I can't recall the name of it just now... We always eat there though, they have awesome seafood!


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