Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Haley and Rachel - Part 2

I'm always wanting to do photo shoots so I can practice taking pictures and practice editing pictures.  I really enjoy editing my pictures afterwards and I try not to do much editing to the pictures, but usually have to fix lighting, exposure, saturation, etc.  I recently learned about shooting pictures in RAW, so I just had to try it out with my camera and the editing of RAW pictures.  I did a photo shoot using RAW with Haley and Rachel.  They wore the cutest matching outfits.  I wish I could have gotten hot pink bows in their hair, but Haley and Rachel will not keep them in.  As soon as I put bows in their hair they come out.  So my girls hair continues to be on the messy side.  I hope one of these days they will love to have bows in their hair.  Till then, here are the results of my photo shoot in RAW.

Haley and Rachel

Rachel and Haley - So CUTE!




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