Friday, June 15, 2012

Doctor Appointments update

When Rachel and Haley first came home from the NICU, they had so many doctor's appointments.  I remember taking them to one doctor or another once or twice a week for several weeks.  Well as they have gotten older they have gotten stronger and healthier and therefore no longer need to go to the doctor several times a month.  They usually see the various doctors they have every 6 months to a year or as needed.  The only specialist the girls see often is the audiologist who we sometimes see a couple of times a month since their hearing aids are always getting broken. 

Rachel and Haley saw their Pediatric Neurologist (Dr. Carlos Rivera) earlier this week.  They both got a good report from the doctor.  He is happy with the progress they have made since they saw him last year.  We are so happy that Rachel and Haley are doing well with their motor development and in general doing well neurologically.  They have come so far and just continue to move forward.

Haley had a follow up appointment with the pediatric endocrinologist this week as well.  With her current height measurement (2 feet, 7 inches), the doctor was happy with her growth in height velocity though Haley is still not on the growth chart.  The endocrinologist is still recommending growth hormone, but told us that we can continue to monitor Haley's growth and see if she starts to catch up to the growth chart before we make any decisions about the growth hormone therapy.  The endocrinologist will see Haley again in 6 months.  I really do hope that Haley has a growth spurt, but if she doesn't it's okay.  There is nothing wrong with being short and small.

I'm so very grateful for all the progress they have made.  Rachel and Haley are working so hard doing their therapy everyday.  We thank all the therapists that work with Rachel and Haley.  They are doing a good job with them and they have helped them come so far.

Here is another picture from the photo shoot I did with them a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't have any recent pictures from this week.

Rachel and Haley


  1. My son was never on the growth chart for height or weight. After waiting & waiting, he never achieved that catch up growth. So, we started growth hormone last fall. He has grown 3" since then, & has finally reached the bottom of the chart!! It's definitely a personal decision, but one we're so glad we made.

  2. Hayley is a petite little cutie! Sounds like Kayla is rather petitite too, so maybe they have family similarties to some extent, though Hayley's prematurity probably is a factor also. Love and blessings to a great family!

  3. Both of my daughters were never on the growth chart until they were teenagers! They both grew up to be normal, healthy girls. One it 4' 11 and one is 5'2". They both graduated from college and are living great lives.
    Whether or not to give a child growth hormones is a personal choice. However, if they don't have a growth hormone deficiency, then why give them a (very expensive )drug that may cause significant side effects just so they will be taller? Pray about it and let God give you the answer that is right for Haley!


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