Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Rachel and Haley are active and most days they wear themselves out with all the playing they do and after all the therapy they get.  Sometimes they fall asleep at the table while eating.  Rachel and Haley definitely sleep well at night!  After my girls go to bed every night I love to just look at them as they peacefully sleep.  My sweet little girls just dreaming away....

Rachel asleep in her high chair

Haley fell asleep while eating

Rachel asleep in her crib

Haley asleep in her crib

I had fun doing a photo shoot of Kayla as she was sleeping.  I practice my photography with Kayla because it is much easier since she is not as active as Rachel and Haley.  That will change as she gets older.  It won't last forever so that is why I'm taking the opportunity now while she is little to be creative and practice my photography.

So sleepy.  Big yawn.


  1. Lovely. You have a good eye.


  2. Those are all so cute! Whatever Kayla is sleeping on looks so comfy! Great backdrop too.

    Btw do the girls still need the cranial shapers?

    1. I recently got the blanket that Kayla is sleeping on. It's perfect for newborn and infant portraits. Will be using that a lot in the future. No Rachel and Haley no longer wear their shaping helmets. Typically children don't wear the helmets after 18 months old.

  3. You have a beautiful family! I have 4 year old quads and have been following your blog since you were pregnant with the sextuplets. I love reading about your family, and you are such an inspiration to me! I love the pictures of the girls sleeping in their high chairs. I always say it means we have had a good day if they can't even stay awake to eat! And little Kayla looks so sweet in these pictures....sleeping babies are the best! Thank you for sharing your family with me! I always look forward to your new posts!

  4. Amanda, your skills as a photographer are getting better by the minute! The pictures are beautiful. Rachel and Haley's are funny, Kayla's pictures look professional. Congratulations, the girls are beautiful and the pictures are perfect!

  5. I LOVE the sleeping pictures and like you my heart feels so full as I watch my sweet children sleep :)

    I also LOVE all the skills that you are getting from taking pictures and practicing on Miss Kayla...those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!


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