Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Escape Artist

Back in February we got two new baby gates for our living room.  These gates were replacement ones as we needed taller and heavier duty gates to keep Rachel and Haley from venturing into our bedroom and into the kitchen.  We got the baby gates that have a walk thru for the adults.  When I got these particular gates, I never imagined Rachel or Haley being able to open them as they supposedly have a child proof lock.  Well this past weekend Rachel proved us wrong and is able to open them and escape!!!  She is a smart girl!  Haley is not able to see how to open it like Rachel, but once the gate is open Haley somehow knows and likes to escape as well.  These girls have us on our toes constantly.  Despite the frustration of not being able to keep Rachel or Haley within the living room anymore, I'm glad to know that Rachel is able to learn.  She learned how to open the gate by just watching us do it.  She is a visual learner for sure.  My girls never cease to amaze me.

Haley in the living room (inside the gate)

Rachel opening the so called child proof gate

Rachel opening the gate door
Getting the door open more

Rachel is free
Haley following the escape artist
Hoping Kayla won't learn how to open those gates anytime soon.  With that look on her face, I'm sure she will.


  1. Wow Rachel! Go girl! Love the photos, I can see there is some mischief going on! x

  2. way to go Rachel!! very proud of you

  3. Way to go Rachel and Haley!! Someone once told me that when you have multiples they really get into mischief because what one does not think of the other will and the other one is always happy to fall a GREAT plan :) Looking at Miss Kayla's adorable face I am sure she will be happy to to go on adventures with her sister's!!

  4. Nothing is sacred anymore. They will be into the bathroom medicine cabinet soon!

  5. We zip tie our gate shut. Our twins have been able to open it since 17 months old.


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