Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas has definitely been different.  Different in that we didn't put up the big Christmas tree or get out all the Christmas decorations and we didn't travel to Austin to be with our families.  I also didn't get out Christmas cards.  This year was much more simplified.  This year we only put up our little Christmas tree and only got out some of the Christmas decorations.  We stayed home for Christmas this year and celebrated together as a family.  Life has been busy in our house this Christmas because of our newest blessing and gift - Kayla.  She is definitely a miracle, a blessing and a gift to our family.  We are so grateful to have spent Christmas together with her as a family.  Rachel and Haley also bring joy to our family with their active personalities and continual progress and development.  They are learning and doing new things everyday.  They don't quite understand Christmas yet, but they enjoyed the gifts they received or better yet the paper, bows and boxes. As I stop and look back over the past year we all have been truly blessed this year.  I am so grateful for our precious little girls. Haley, Rachel, and Kayla have brought so much happiness and peace into our lives. We love and cherish them so very much. Each one of them have a distinct personality that just brightens our home. Words do not describe how blessed Thomas and I have been. We also at this time of year stop and contemplate on the greatest man to ever live even Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. It is because of his selfless life that we have the blessings we have. It is because of Him that we all can one day inherit eternal life. This is the day that we celebrate the one person who came to this earth and payed a price we can not fully comprehend. I owe everything to him, for all that he has done and continues to do for me and my family. God be thanked for the greatest gift given to man, the gift of His holy Son even Jesus Christ.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Our little Christmas Tree

I love my Willow Tree Nativity set

Haley and Rachel
Haley and Rachel
Haley, me and Rachel
Haley and Rachel
Me and all my girls
Daddy with Rachel and Haley
Our Christmas family picture


  1. Amanda, the pictures are so cute! The girls look beautiful as usual and the Santa's outfits are precious. I think I recognize Kayla's "My first Christmas" outfit. I'm so happy to see these pictures! Yes, you are blessed and your family is special. Love, Claudia

  2. Amanda, your words here show that you understand what Christmas is about better than the tallest tree in the world or a warehouse full of decorations. God bless you and your family.

  3. Nice to see a Happy healthy family at Christmas time.


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