Sunday, December 4, 2011

36 Week Update

How many weeks?  I can't believe it I'm 36 weeks!  The picture of me above makes me laugh.  It looks like I have a basketball under my shirt.  I'm all belly.  I'm wearing a maternity shirt, but its obviously too small.  I didn't realize my shirt was kind of small until after Thomas took the picture.

How am I feeling?  I'm feeling ok.  I have another cold.  I keep catching them from Rachel and Haley.  My poor girls keep getting colds.  Its just that time of the year.  I'm definitely feeling so pregnant!  I'm sore and stiff.  My back hurts at times.  My sciatic nerve has really been bothering me.  I'm sleeping ok and only usually have to get up once to go to the bathroom.  All these things definitely make life uncomfortable, but its only temporary and in the end I will have another miracle blessing in my arms - our beautiful baby girl Kayla.  I'm so happy to be at 36 weeks.  I'm only 1 week away from being full term!  What a relief!  I know Kayla will be ok.  What a blessing!  With God all things are possible!

Weight gain?  Yes for sure.  I've gained a total of 29 pounds.

Doctors appointment?  At my last OB appointment, my doctor went ahead and got scheduled my c-section date.  It's scheduled for December 20.  I will be 38 weeks and 2 days.  I can't believe Kayla will be born 16 days from today!  My pregnancy has gone by fast.  My doctor is wanting to do the c-section at 38 weeks because I am a type 1 diabetic and from my last ultrasound Kayla is measuring a little big for her gestational age.  All looks good though!


  1. I am so happy for you! Congrats on making it 36 weeks.

  2. You have made it! I am a NICU RN and even if Kayla came between now and 38.2 the chances of her needing NICU are getting lower by the day! I have seen plenty of 36 weekers who did not even need it! COngratulations!

  3. You look AMAZING!!!! I always wanted to have that cute perfect pregnant babies are just EVERYWHERE!!

    What a blessing to be so far along and to be doing so well. Hang in there and I look forward to seeing Baby Kayla!!!

  4. Awesome! I can only imagine the excitement of carrying this far along, after your previous pregnancies ending so early. I'm so happy for you!

    Courtney (mom of 23w5d twins)

  5. Hi! I don't remember how I found your blog, but it was shortly after your girls were born. I've been following for a while after, just staying in touch with your family, and more recently, your pregnancy. In all of the posts I've read, this is the first one I noticed you mention that you are Type 1. My almost 7 year old daughter is type 1. I just wanted to write and wish you luck through the last few weeks of your pregnancy and delivery of your little one!


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