Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making a mess!

Rachel and Haley are pros at making messes!  They are getting into everything in our living room.  I have gates up to keep them in the living room.  Thank goodness they can't get into the kitchen then they would be getting into everything in there.  I have had to move things off shelves, bookcases and tables because they have been getting to them.  These girls sure are keeping me on my toes!  Despite the messes they make, I love them so very much!  They make me smile and laugh everyday. 

These pictures are just a small example of the messes they make.  This particular day they didn't make as much of a mess as usual.  It's a nightly routine for Thomas and I to pick up and clean their messes.

Rachel looking over my now almost empty shelves

Haley joined Rachel at the bookcase
The toy bin BEFORE the girls get to it
Rachel starting to pull the toys out of the bins.  She loves to do this!
Both Haley and Rachel enjoying their toys
Rachel crawling over Haley to get a toy

Haley and Rachel playing together



  1. I've been following your blog since the babies were born. What a beautiful family! Congrats on your new blessing!

  2. The are the most adorable little mess makers! I hope you are feeling well

  3. Such cute pictures, Amanda! Love it.


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