Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Daddy and his girls

 Happy Father's Day to my husband and to my father.  This is a special day!  What a blessing it is to have these two important men in my life.  Rachel and Haley are also so blessed to have a wonderful, loving father in their lives.  The influence of a father in their lives is so very important and I'm so grateful for the bond the girls have with their daddy.  Daddy loves to play with his girls and make them laugh.  I love to see the girls laugh and smile.  It makes my day.  They have the cutest smile and laughter.  We had a great weekend.  My dad and mom visited us this weekend and we enjoyed the time together.  The girls love their grandparents!  I wish all father's a Happy Father's Day!
Daddy and his girls


  1. The girls look beautiful! It cracks me up how much Rachel looks like her Daddy. Happy Belated Father's day!


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