Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sickness and g-button problem

Poor little Rachel and Haley are sick with colds.  Their colds started a week ago and I thought they were on the way to getting better when Rachel started running a low grade temp.  So to be safe we took her to the pediatrician.  Her lungs sounded good so the doctor suspected she has a sinus infection.  She is now on an antibiotic (amoxicillan).  We love those antibiotics.  Rachel always gets diarrhea and a bad rash when she is on an antibiotic.  To top it off, Rachel's g-button has been leaking a lot.  So we had to change it out and it seems to be better now.  Poor sweet baby has been through it the past couple of days, but she is getting better.  She didn't have a fever today so that's a good sign.  Haley is getting better as well.  Her cold hasn't slowed her down.  She is still feisty and active.  She has been sitting so well.  She is sitting longer before falling over.  Well the girls will get through these colds.  We are so grateful that these colds weren't any worse.
Rachel is happy despite her cold


Haley sitting so well

Haley so happy

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