Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ready for Flu and RSV season

Both Rachel and Haley got their first flu shot a month ago and will be getting their second flu shot next week. Yesterday the girls got their Synagis shot. Synagis helps to protect them from RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). They will both have to get this shot once a month through out the RSV season. Typically RSV is most common in children under 1 year. Since the girls were born extremely premature their doctors thought it would be best the girls get the Synagis shots through this RSV season. We have been blessed that the girls have not gotten terribly sick to land them back in the hospital. I'm glad they will be better protected this flu and RSV season.


  1. Their purple dresses are so cute! They match the helmets, glasses, and shoes. Good to know that they are getting their shots. This will be good protection for them. Amanda and Thomas, you are doing a great job as parents. Congratulation!

  2. RSV is a dangerous illness. It is a good decision to get the babies vaccinated. Preemies are at risk during the winter months without proper immunizations. It is a good message to remind your readers to get their flu shot.


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