Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

The girls and daddy before he went off to work today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!  Today September 22 is Thomas's birthday. We are so glad the girls are able to celebrate daddy's birthday today. The girls love their daddy!


  1. They look so sweet.

    Do their little heads get sweaty in those helmets? Do they get to take them off at all? Like, for baths?

  2. Happy birthday Thomas! I am sure this is a special day with your family. You deserve all the best! Congratulations!

  3. They are so amazing and precious! Happy Birthday, Thomas!

  4. Thomas - it was nice meeting you and the girls today. It was very exciting to see them in person after watching them online for the last year.

    If your family is interested in learning more about the Bay Area Mothers of Multiples club (which has a stronger online presence than in-person meetings), you can find it at

  5. Love the helmets! Both of my girls had the same stylish pink helmet. One is done and the other is still in it. She's had it for 4 months now and we're quickly coming up on finishing the 5th month. The time flies and it's so worth it. I look at how far they've come and can't imagine not having the helmets for both of them. I hope the next few months fly by for you two and that both of your girls have cute little round heads once they are done.

  6. I know I am late but I wanted to wish Thomas a happy birthday! What a blessing it is for him to spend it with two of his precious children.

  7. My Lizzy had the exact same pink helmet!

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Thomas. Stephen's birthday is also on the 22nd - it's a good day. Hope ya'll are doing well!

    Janelle Hardy Cluff


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